He Broke Up With Me Will He Come Back? Here’s The Truth

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Relationships are complicated, and many inevitably break up.

If your boyfriend broke up with you and you didn’t want him to leave, it can be heartbreaking to stay in love while he has moved on.

Maybe you want to win him back, but you don’t know how without sounding desperate.

Ultimately, if you had something good, the risk of being hurt is worth it to get him back.

You are continuously stuck wondering if he will ever come back or if he is gone for good. You go back and forth between worrying that he won’t come back and hoping he will.

The truth is, he will come back, but only if you’re smart about it.

Make sure you check out our foolproof guide for making him want you and carefully read these useful strategies to help you win him back.

1. Be Happy Without Him

Happiness spreads, and if you appear to be happy, it is the best way to show him you are okay without him. Clinginess and desperation are not attractive.

If you appear happy and content with your life, you will catch his attention and make him curious about what is making you happy.

Your happiness may also naturally draw him in.

2. Show Confidence

Add confidence to your happiness to make an even more significant impact. Not only will it help you feel better during this time, but it will also catch his attention.

3. Timing is Everything

If you are racing after him right after your breakup, when the tension is still high, you may push him further away. If you wait too long, he may move on.

The key is to let enough time pass to dull the intense emotions that caused the breakup but to not wait for the love you shared to die completely.

4. Be a Friend

One of the best ways to make an impact on his life is to let the past frustration go and to offer your friendship to him.

Being a good friend is hard, but it’s a great way to remind him of all of the things that once brought you both together.

5. Patience is a Virtue

Even though you are still in love with him, he has to get back on the same page as you. If you are not patient, you may push him too much, and he will back away.

Just like you might have read in how to get your ex back when he has moved on, it is essential for you to set a “move on date” for your heart but to not give up until that time.

6. Keep the Communication Lines Open

As long as he is willing, text him often to check in. Work hard to have relaxed communication often without any stress or negativity.

However, you should step away from the conversation if you feel any tension building up.

Being able to keep your emotions in check will show him your maturity, which is attractive to all men.

7. Get Together

Find a reason for you both to get together for a meeting. Whether you need to discuss shared bills or give him some of his stuff, find a way to see him face-to-face.

When you see him, be confident, friendly, and warm.

8. Flirt, but Keep It Subtle

Add in just a little bit of very subtle flirting to make him question whether you are really doing it or not.

If he flirts back, you’ll know that he is still interested in you. You should still take it slow though, and continue to flirt gently.

If he asks you directly if you are flirting, take the chance and be honest with your feelings.

While you are at it, follow these great tips for being irresistible too.

9. Tell Him How You Feel

While some men may pick up on the subtle flirting or genuine interest, some may not realize what is going on.

Other men may suspect you are flirting but may not reciprocate because they are scared they are misinterpreting you.

If he seems to be missing the signs you are giving out, it may be time to have a sincere conversation with him.

Keep in mind that you know him best. If he has always appreciated blunt honesty, be direct with him.

Take the risk and reveal your true feelings, especially if your “move on date” is quickly approaching. Sometimes it’s now or never.

10. Boost Yourself

Whether you start a workout regimen, start going out more with friends, or hanging out at home watching movies, self-love is one of the most attractive qualities in a woman.

Spend plenty of time loving yourself and doing things that make you feel better.

No one else can do that for you, and if you spend time making sure you are taken care of physically and emotionally, it will really help.

Men find it attractive when women are uncomplicated and confident. Boosting yourself will help you be irresistible.

The other great thing about self-care is if it ends up that he has, in fact, moved on, you will take it a little easier because you will be tapped into your inner strength.

11. Fix What Was Broken

Ask yourself if he broke up with you for a valid reason. Was there something between you that was incompatible? If you know what pushed him away, work on yourself to fix that.

If there is something you can fix, do it. Don’t change yourself for someone else, but if it was a personal flaw that pushed him away, figure out how to be better for the next guy.

12. Be Ready

There are several reasons why your ex may come back. During your break-up, evaluate why you want him back. Be sure that is what you want, for all of the right reasons.

If you actively work to improve yourself, to be the person you are capable of, you will help yourself be ready to fight for your love when he comes back.

Breakups are devastating, but if you’re smart about your time, you and your ex can come back even stronger than when you broke up.

And always remember that timing is very important.

Don’t want to wait too long, life happens, he can move on faster than you’d expect.

If you want him, get your head in the right place and tell him.

Good Luck!