9 Fun Games To Play Over Text With A Guy

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Texting has become a huge part of our lives.
We use it for many different kinds of communication, but one always seems to take a backseat–texting games.
They provide a great way to ease the tension of “who will text whom first”, and help you get to know the guy you’re dating much better.

Today I’ve got a list of nine great games for you to play over text and have a blast while doing it.

Emoji translation

This is a fun little challenge where you and your partner text each other phrases or sentences only using emojis.
The goal is to decipher the message without the other person giving out any hints.
To make it more fun, try to keep a conversation going in this manner until one of you loses.
The winner gets the bragging rights, and the loser has to do a forfeit.

Would you rather?

This one works as a regular “would you rather” face-to-face variant.
However, texting gives it a whole new dimension.
Depending on where you are at the moment of texting, you can base your questions and choices on the location.
For example, you’re on the bus home and your eye catches two old cars. Your text could be, “would you rather be in this car, or in this one?”
And after each question you send the photo of the cars.
Or, you can put this one aside, and go for a variant of “20 questions”, and ask unusual, quirky, and fun questions that are bound to get the conversation going.

Build a story

If you have a knack for storytelling, why not build one together?
This is a great way to get to know the guy you’re dating.
Start a story with a simple beginning like:
“There was a guy who worked at a fast food joint. One day, a woman walked in and turned his life upside down.”
Your man gets to continue the story by being as creative, unpredictable (or cheesy) as possible.
It’s a great way to pass the time and explore your imaginative side.

Flirty texting

One of the sexier things to do over text is flirting. It gives you a great chance to leave some things to the imagination, rather than outright saying them.
By leaving text endings to the guy’s imagination, you can drive him crazy until you meet again.
The secret to great flirt texting is keeping your messages short, sweet and open-ended.
For example, when he texts to tell you he had a great time on the date, you can reply that you have something even better planned for the next time.
And when he tries to find out what it is, keep the texts cryptic, but tempting enough that he won’t be able to resist wanting to know more.

Pun conversation

This must be one of the most fun texting games out there.
From bad to worse, many puns have proven to be the ultimate weapon of cheesy (but still funny!) humor.
Here’s how to play:
You agree on a category, for example, vampires. Then you start:
“I had a BLOODY good time yesterday!”
To which he can reply:
“I know! Everything else PALES in comparison.”
And you continue the chain of inserting vampire-related terms into the conversation, until one of you is left without any ideas.
To make the game more challenging, you can introduce a 30 second or 1 minute limit to reply, ensuring there’s no cheating via Google.

Backwards texting

If you prefer less rapid texting, and want to test your brain a little, do backwards texting.
One way is to write your text starting from the full stop, and going forward. Like:
.example an be would This
Or, to make things more difficult, make even the letters inside the words backwards! Like:
.elpmaxe na eb dlouw sihT
Tricky, huh?

Riddle me this!

Depending on how long you know each other, you text one another little riddles connected to certain places or events you’ve visited or wanted to experience together.
This can also be used to get to know your date and decide if he’s the right guy for you.
Especially if you’re unsure whether he likes you back.
You can decide to award points for every correct guess, and subtract for every failed one.

Meet me at…

Out of all the games to play over text, this one is done specifically when you plan out a date.
Sometimes, if I really like a guy, and want to ask him out, I do it in game form by texting him hints concerning the time, place, and what to wear.
To make the game more fun, he doesn’t even have to guess where you’re going. But he must do as the text says.
For example, one time I sent:
“Put on your hunting outfit and bring $10”
What he didn’t know is that I was taking him to the carnival where $10 is the admission, and I also sported a mock hunting outfit, so we could “hunt down” a teddy bear at the shooting range.
This game does wonders to keep a date interesting, and turns you into a more spontaneous woman.

Scavenger hunt

The scavenger hunt is a delight to play on a day when you’re rushing around the city.
You text him with a specific task, where you ask him to find, let’s say, a woman in a tracksuit.
When he does, he needs to send you a picture for proof, and then send his own request.
This can be played with people, locations, venues, and even food!
There are tons of games to play over text, and I’ve only shared a few of my favorites.
The goal is to keep things interesting, light and fun, so you can get to know each other.

Have Fun!


Texting can cause us happiness and pain at the same time, make sure you don’t assume things based on what you read. remember, it’s hard to know exactly the emotions behind the written words.

With that being said, don’t hold yourself and always express yourself, and don’t hesitate too much.

I have to give a big shoutout to Amy, she helped me a lot with building chemistry via texting.

Beyond chemistry, I’ve learned to not think too much about what I write and the results are something I wish every woman out there to experience.

Here is her presentation explaining what you need to know about Chemistry Texting and how it works.

Chemistry Texting