How To Perform The Full Nelson Sex Position

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Getting tired of the same old, comfort-zone sex positions? Maybe you haven’t heard of the Full Nelson sex position then.

You and your man have tried many things, and now you think you’re ready to level up.

Well, today’s your lucky day because I’m here to show you an absolute gem of a sex position.

It’s tricky, requires good physical conditions and is oh-so-rewarding if done right.

Feeling ready to take on the big league moves?

Then read on.

Nelson Sex Position

What is the Full Nelson sex position?

The Full Nelson is a variant of the reverse cowgirl sex position.

It’s done by having the woman in reverse cowgirl position, with her legs raised up and pulled back by her man’s inner elbows. She is then kept in a headlock, while the man thrusts intensely for a short period of time.

The position actually originates from a wrestling move of the same name.

Not counting the obvious differences between the two, the headlock part is performed in pretty much the same way, hence keeping the name.

Difficulty rating: Advanced

Not for amateurs, the Full Nelson sex position proves to be difficult even to women who do yoga or gymnastics.

It’s a position best done in brief intervals, as it requires quite a bit of strength and endurance on the man’s part and, likewise, flexibility on the woman’s part.

Many women can attest that it’s not the most comfortable position to be in for a longer period of time.

If not done properly, this position can lead to injury… so be careful.

Important To Know Before Trying The Full Nelson Sex Position

It’s a very popular in porn because it gives the camera a great view, but there’s a couple of important things you should know before trying it.

  • Not easy to pull off – She has to be quite flexible, she needs to be able to bend her legs far back enough for the man to hug them and still reach her head. YES
  • Slight balancing act – All of her body weight is on top of the guys and falling over to one side is very easy. If you’re trying this, take a moment to find your balance before you start thrusting.
  • Carry the weight – ALL of her body weight will be lying on top of you, it can be a bit uncomfortable and restrict your breathing a bit. Make sure you’re your comfortable before you start.

How To Do the Full Nelson sex position

If you’re still determined to try this position, and you trust each other to go easy and slow until you get the hang of it, then keep on reading.

The Full Nelson keeps you open for deep penetration, so you want to make sure it’s performed when you’re all fired up.

Which is why you should start with the reverse cowgirl position to get warmed up.

Then, put your legs in front of you, and, leaning back on your palms, lift them in the air.

Coordinate your movement with your man’s, as your weight shouldn’t be completely on his lower abdomen.

What he should be doing

Your man should be sitting on the edge of the bed, or couch, preferably leaning against the back or headrest.

This will give him much needed support.

Then, he should interlock his inner elbows with your inner knees to keep your legs up.

Pulling your legs slightly back, he should reach with his hands behind your head and lace his fingers at the back of your neck.

(For that part, you might need to tilt your head forward a little)

Special tips and tricks for the Full Nelson sex position


This position is best performed on a bed, sofa, or couch.

That way, your man’s legs can rest over the edge of the couch or bed for ground support.

This keeps him balanced, and helps him in performing steadier thrusts.

Duration of the position

Don’t worry if you can’t do this position for too long, as it’s uncomfortable even for seasoned lovers.

It can also tire you out much quicker, without your getting any satisfaction from it.

About self-consciousness

As women, we like to choose positions that will feel AND look good.

Since the Full Nelson sex position puts you in a forward curled-up position, it will make your belly fat more prominent.

However, this happens to all types of women, as a midriff without some fat is non-existent.

Our tip to not get distracted by this is to keep your eyes closed and focus on the feeling instead.

Hand grasping bed woman


Shallow breathing is normal.

You won’t be able to breathe very deeply from this position, but it’s no reason to panic.

Short, shallow breaths will help you endure any discomfort.


Yes, you read that right. You may need a safe word.

Since your man can’t see your face from this position, you’ll need to choose a signal when he’ll have to stop if you become too uncomfortable.

Dirty talk

Speaking of words, you will definitely want to sweeten the moment with some dirty talk.

Seeing how there’s no eye-to-eye contact, you can still have the same amount of intimacy if you know the right words to say.

Pros and cons of the Full Nelson sex position

Of course, as with all other positions, the Full Nelson has its fair share of pros and cons.

Take a look and decide for yourself if it’s ultimately something you’ll want to try.


  • If you’re considering doing a home video, this position gives the best exposure
  • It allows greater access to your G-spot
  • For women who like feeling small during sex, this is a great turn-on
  • And it helps make the man feel more powerful


  • The easiest way to perform the Full Nelson is if you’re smaller than your man
  • It could lead to injury if you don’t do it right
  • Needs some failed attempts to get it right
  • Can’t be done comfortably for very long

Variations of the Full Nelson sex position

If you’ve decided this position is just not right for you, there is another variant:

You can do a reverse cowgirl, but stay crouched with your feet flat on either side of your man, and leaning back on your palms.

It gives the same access but requires more work from you.

The other option is also for him to simply keep your legs up, without the sleeper hold on your neck, and allowing you to arch your back against him.

Who is this position best for?

I’d argue that it has its perks for both you and him.

For you, it provides a great angle for reaching the G-spot.

For him, there’s unobstructed access for penetration.

That being said, the Full Nelson is still quite demanding and may not pay off immediately.

It takes a few tries to get it right.

This is a tremendously demanding sex position.

As such, it should be done with caution and preparation.

However, even though it’s tough to master, the position offers one of the best sensations.

One Last Thing…

Learning new sex positions is fun and easy, but…

If you REALLY want to know how to make your man obsess over you (and only you) – you have to learn how to talk dirty to him.

It’s not just words, It’s not just the right timing. It’s something that he will NEVER forget.

Men are simple creatures. learn how their minds work, add a bit of spicy to your words and mix it up with a bit of confidence and the results would be tastier than the world’s best Alfajores.

You see, women usually don’t put this extra effort to talk dirty to their guy, or look in his eye with the intention of eating him out. This is EXACTLY why adding some extra layer of dirty talking will make him remember you forever.


He might even never be able to forget you after performing the full nelson sex position and saying the stuff he never expected you to say in the PERFECT timing.

There is a name for it – Puppet master.

He will become addicted to you subconsciously and keep wanting more of that because he knows that’s a unique quality of a KEEPER.

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