60+ Best First Date Ideas That Will Lead To A Perfect Relationship

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The first date you have with someone really sets the tone for the rest of the relationship.

If you want to make this new guy like you, you’ll want more than your standard dinner and a movie date.

These first date ideas are exactly what you need to line up a fun, interesting date that’ll lead to an even better relationship.


Table of Contents

10 Good First Date Ideas

If you’re not one to take risks but still want to make a positive first impression, these first date ideas will set you apart from the rest.

1. A coffee tasting date

If you’re both into coffee, this date is perfect for you. Hit up at least three coffee shops and try each.

To make things more interesting, try to guess each other’s typical drink by ordering for each other.

Once you’ve tried them all, you can both decide which will become “your spot” together.

2. Wine tasting

You can either DIY this or go to an actual winery. Sip a few different types and then take a bottle home to split over a meal together.

It’s simple but fun and it’ll allow you to open up a little at the same time.

3. Drive in movie

If you want to put a twist on the boring “dinner and a movie” date, go to a drive-in theater.

The best part is that you can sneak in some of your favorite to-go foods and munch on them throughout. It’s the perfect mix of intimacy and entertainment.

4. Appetizer hopping

Instead of going to just one place for a full dinner, go to at least 3 and only get one appetizer in each.

You’ll get to try out a number of different eateries and munch on the best part of any meal. Plus, you still get to chat and get to know each other at the same time.

5. Go to a bookstore

If you’re both the reading type and you want to have an interesting evening, go to a book store and try to pick out a book for one another based on what you know.

You can tell just how much he likes you by how hard he tries to get this book choice right.

Then you can head to a park and see if the other guessed your taste right.

6. Go to the library

Instead of a bookstore, just go to the local library and do the same thing. You can just sit inside and see if you both guessed right.

If not, you can both just guess again and again until you get it right. This is a great way to get to know each other too.

7. Go hiking

Hiking isn’t for everyone but if you’re both fans of the outdoors, go on a hiking date. It’ll show him that you can handle yourself outside and it’s a perfect environment for getting to know each other.

8. Go on a bike ride

You can even rent bikes if you don’t have any yourselves. Take a bike ride around the city or to your favorite ice cream spot. Have fun together and enjoy a beautiful day.

9. Go to the beach for a picnic

If you live near a nice beach and it’s a lovely day, go for this kind of date. You can both bring something to contribute to the picnic and talk while soaking up the sun.

It’s an easy first date that’ll also show him you’re a pretty laidback person. If you’re not comfortable in a bathing suit around him just yet, wear a cute sundress and a big hat.

10. Go to the farmer’s market

There’s so much to see at a local farmer’s market. Why not go there and pick out some ingredients to include in dinner?

You can see what your community has to offer while also enjoying some people watching and fresh produce at the same time.

10 Fun First Date Ideas

These are some awesome first date ideas that’ll be perfect if you want to show him your fun side. Let him see you get goofy and have a good time.

1. Go ride some go-karts

go kart

This isn’t for everyone but if you’re naturally a more adventurous, daring person, this is perfect.

Not only will you be able to see how exciting he is as a person, you may also get to kick his butt in a race, and that might even frustrate him a little which would be even more fun for you.

2. Go play darts or pool at a bar

For this date, you’ll have a great time while also keeping things very casual. Go to your favorite bar and play a few games of pool or darts.

Make sure not to have too many drinks, though. You don’t want to get drunk on the first date!

3. Sing karaoke

If you’re not ashamed of your voice, then let him hear it.

Go to your local karaoke bar and sing a few hits together. It’s a fun way to break the ice and see how you both act in an embarrassing, but fun, situation.

4. Go to a festival or fair

Festivals and fairs are really fun. There’s always great junk food, rides, and even some games to keep you occupied.

Let him show you up in some games and split a funnel cake together.

5. Listen to live music

If you just do a quick search for live music near you, you’re bound to find something. Even if it’s a new band playing outside at a bar, it’ll be fun and you might find a new artist to support.

6. Hit up an arcade

There are places like Dave & Buster’s for a reason. Adults love games, too!

Go to a regular arcade or one designed for adults only and have a good time. See who’s better at skee-ball.

Guys love a girl who can have a good time and game. Make sure he sees this carefree side of you by going on a date like this.

7. Go mini golfing

This is a pretty “typical” first date but it’s always a fun one. You’re able to talk and enjoy each other’s company while also playing a game.

You can even up the stakes so whoever loses buys the dessert.

8. Attend a sport’s game

What’s more fun than beer, hotdogs, and angry yelling? Sports games are usually really fun and you can even people-watch while you’re at it.

Plus, you can talk while paying attention to the game so there’s plenty of time to get to know each other and you can even wear something cute, yet casual.

9. Go to a comedy club

You might not be able to get to know each other very well at a comedy club but you’ll both leave with very happy memories of one another.

Plus, you can go somewhere to eat afterward and laugh at all your retellings of the jokes.

10. Go for a walk and people watch

People are fascinating. If you live in a city, going to the park offers you a range of opportunities to get a view of people.

There’s also plenty of time to talk to one another while being entertained by other people.

10 Unique First Date Ideas

One way to stand out and make a great first impression is by being unique and making him notice you. Show this guy you’re not like the others by taking him on one of these interesting dates.

1. Shop for each other’s outfits

I know this sounds a little odd, but hear me out. You don’t have to go to some department store for this either.

In fact, if your man is up for it, take him to a thrift store and challenge each other with picking out the other’s outfit. Then you both have to wear it out for at least one drink.

2. Go on a distillery tour

You’ve been on brewery and winery tours before, but distillery tours for dates aren’t usually something people go for. Show him that you’re different by going for one.

Just be sure not to get too sloshed. Have a big meal beforehand and then have fun.

3. Take a cooking class together

Cooking classes are very interesting. There are a lot of directions and if you’re going together, you can work as a team.

That means you’ll be able to tell if you’re compatible as a couple right from the start. You’ll also have some (hopefully) delicious food to eat after.

4. Take a painting class together

Painting is fun no matter how good you are at it. Even if you suck, the act of painting and even laughing at yourself is always a good time.

You can easily test his artistic side with this date and I bet you he hasn’t been painting for a first date before.

5. Do crafts together

Aside from painting, you can just get crafty together. Get some yarn, beads, string, paints, canvases, and just have fun. Make it a free for all.

At the end, swap masterpieces as gifts to each other. This gives you plenty of conversation time and it’s also probably not something he’s done before.

6. Try a Pinterest recipe

You’ve probably heard of “Pinterest fails” before. It’s when you try a recipe or DIY item on Pinterest and see if you can actually make it look like the picture.

In most cases, you can’t. But it’s always fun and it’ll give you both something to work together on.

7. Go to the zoo or an aquarium

When’s the last time you were at the zoo? It’s not just for kids, you know! Take your new man and see how much fun you can have.

If they have an exhibit where you can play with the animals, that’s even better.

8. Have a bonfire and drinks

Better yet, make the fire yourself. See if you can both start a fire on your own and whose is better once it gets going.

Toss back a couple of drinks whilst admiring your fine work, and just get to know each other a bit. He’ll be satisfied with the warmth, alcohol, and your company.

9. Take your dogs to the dog park

You can tell a lot about a man by the way he interacts with his dog. It’s true! If you both have dogs, take them to the park and go for a walk with them.

See how he plays with yours and even if your dogs are compatible.

Because we all know, if the dog doesn’t like him or his dog, it’ll never work out.

10. Play laser tag

He’s probably never had a girl suggest laser tag as a first date. But you should because it’s really fun! You’ll get to run around and shoot each other.

What’s better? And if you beat him, he’ll see just how unique and fun you really are.

12 Cute First Date Ideas

Upping the romance and making him see you in a cute light will do you a lot of favors in winning him over. Sometimes you have to take that next step and increase the intimacy yourself by suggesting some of these cute first date ideas to do just that.

1. Tour a botanical garden

Not much is more adorable than walking hand in hand while looking at flowers. This is a great way to talk and get to know each other while keeping the mood light but romantic at the same time.

You’ll have some intimacy, while not being in an awkward environment. It’s also a perfect opportunity to make sure he knows what your favorite flower is.

2. Go see a large display of holiday lights

If it’s that time of year and you know where a lot of holiday lights are up, go see them together. There are many neighborhoods or big city areas that go all out.

You can walk together while sipping on some hot coffee you had beforehand. It’s simple, but very cute.

3. Go to an art gallery

art gallery couple

Art is really boring to those who aren’t into it, but if you are, take him. Get prepared for this type of date and show him how much you enjoy art and what you really like about it.

Because art galleries are pretty quiet and sophisticated, it’ll give a romantic vibe without the both of you being alone together.

4. Go to the pet store

I know this might sound like an odd date, but it’ll actually be really fun and adorable. Take him to a local store that has plenty of dogs and cats and other animals you can actually interact with.

You’ll learn a lot about him by the way he treats the animals, too. It’s just a very cute way to start the evening of your first date.

5. Visit the humane society

If you love animals and want to show this guy just how much, take him to an animal shelter. You can even sign up to volunteer there for an hour together.

But if you don’t want to put him to work on the first date, just go visit and pet a few animals. They’ll love the attention and he’ll admire you more for it.

6. Get ice cream

Ice cream is a pretty typical date idea but it’s also just really cute. You can grab a cone together and take a walk while asking him questions to get to know him better..

If you want, you can make it the last stop of your date night and do a few other things beforehand. It’s a nice romantic way to end your evening together.

7. Go ice-skating

If you really want cute first date ideas, this is the winner. Yes, it’s pretty cheesy but people go on ice-skating dates for a reason. They’re fun and really cute.

You might not be great at skating (and neither is he) but that’s okay! You can laugh together or one of you can help each other in an adorable way.

8. Go to a carnival

If there’s a carnival in town and you’re not going, it’s a mistake. Take him there and show him a good time. Go on a couple of rides that don’t leave you dizzy and then enjoy some yummy carny foods.

He might even win you a teddy bear and that would be the cutest thing of all.

9. Take a dance class

In order to test your compatibility, take a dance class together. It can be anything from the waltz to the salsa. You’ll get to show off your dancing skills and make him obsessed with you.

So long as you’re dancing together, it’ll be a good time. Plus, having interacted and touched each other while dancing will take the awkwardness out of it when you cozy up with some drinks afterward.

10. Feed the ducks

Head to the park and bring some bread. Sit on a bench and feed the ducks by the pond.

It’s a simple date but it’s really cute to have that intimacy while being surrounded by animals.

11. Go horseback riding

This might just be the cutest thing on this list. Horseback riding together for your first date can actually be very romantic.

You get to talk and enjoy riding while not having to force the conversation. If you’re not sure what to say, just let the horse go a bit faster.

12. Visit a jazz club

If you really want to take adorable to the next level, get dressed up and sit really close in a tiny booth in a packed jazz club. Listen to the soothing music and just lean into each other.

This offers the perfect amount of intimacy while still allowing room for good conversation and time to get to know each other.

10 Casual First Date Ideas

If you’re not yet sure about the guy but agreed to a first date just to see if he’s a good man, take him on one of these. They’re simple and leave you in situation that’s not too romantic.

1. Get one drink at your favorite place and another at his

The best part about this is that the entire date can be just those two drinks if you want. This allows you to leave afterward if you weren’t feeling it.

However, if you do like him, you can move forward from drinks onto food. It’s casual, simple, but still fun.

2. Go for a walk with a great view

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere that offers great views from a lot of places, just go for a walk together. You can even bring your dog to keep it really casual.

Stroll together and just talk. You don’t have to do anything extravagant in order for it to count as a real date.

3. Cook something together

Whether you go to a restaurant that allows you to cook the food yourself, or you go to one another’s home, it’s still casual. You’re just cooking food.

Plan for each of you to make something specific and then get to work in the kitchen together. It’s a great way to gauge your teamwork skills together, too.

4. Have a picnic

Picnics are nice because they can be so relaxed and not romantic at all if you don’t want them to be, but if things go well, they’re also perfect for determining if you could fall in love. Pack a couple sandwiches with sides and a few beers.

Sip on the beers while enjoying the food and just talking to each other. This is even more fun if you have a nice view together or are in a park so it’s not as intimate.

5. Go to trivia night

If you really want the epitome of casual but fun, this is your best option. You don’t even have to dress up, either. Just pick a place for trivia and go together.

You’ll still be allowed to chat and get to know him a bit while also testing his wits. You can play as a team or go up against each other to make things more interesting.

6. Meet up with friends

Just because it’s the first date doesn’t mean you have to go with just the two of you. Instead, just meet up with a group of your friends. This takes the pressure off and makes it a little more casual.

If you decide you’d like more intimacy, the two of you can always branch off and just hang out alone too.

7. Have breakfast for dinner

Make a breakfast date! It’s like pretending it’s the next morning, except you don’t actually have to stay. And since breakfast food is simply the best, he’ll probably be down for it.

Make it a point to go out to breakfast together too. Hit up a restaurant that serves it throughout the day and have fun.

8. Go to an amusement park

It doesn’t get much more casual than riding a rollercoaster together. It’s still a cute date, but it doesn’t come with the pressure of some more romantic options.

You get to wear jeans and a t-shirt while still enjoying his company. And the lines give you plenty of time to talk to each other and see if he’s someone you really want to date for real.

9. Go on a scavenger hunt

No, you’re not too old for a scavenger hunt. If you want to get a little creative, make one up and go through it together.

All you really have to do is make a list of things to find and then go around town in search of them. This can be anything from coconut ice cream to a rose bush.

You won’t feel a lot of pressure to build intimacy, but it’s still fun and interesting.

10. Play truth or dare over dinner at a sports bar

Truth or dare never gets old. You can play it in all sorts of ways. Determine which rules you want to follow and then play a game.

Instead of being allowed to choose between truth and dare, roll a dice. Evens are truths and odds are dares. You’ll get to test your own limits while seeing what his are.

10 Cheap First Date Ideas

Money is sometimes a touchy topic but if you’re running low, suggest one of these cheap first date ideas instead of going to some ritzy restaurant. You’ll have just as much fun for free or a really low price.

1. Visit a psychic

Not only is this usually pretty cheap, it’s super fun. Even if you both don’t believe in them, it’s sometimes interesting to see what someone predicts for your future.

You’ll also get a peek into his beliefs a little. He might actually believe in psychics!

2. Stargaze

This might seem really cheesy but it’s also really cute. Plus, it’s completely free. As long as you can get to a place where the stars shine brightly, this works.

It’s especially great on a warm night where you can lay out a blanket and just gaze together. You may even end up talking about space and aliens and all that fun stuff that might just make him fall in love with you over time.

3. Pick apples

It’s really cheap to go apple picking and it’s also an awesome first date idea. You’ll be able to bond and talk while searching for the best apples and you’ll feel like a real couple.

4. Make caramel apples

After you picked apples or even if you just bought them at the store, you can make your own caramel apples. Set up a few different bowls for toppings and see who makes the best ones.

Then you can make another to try and outdo him if he won or vice versa. It’s fun, can get a little messy (in a good way) and it’s delicious.

5. Go kayaking or canoeing

If you like the outdoors and he does too, just go for a kayaking trip down the river or across the lake.

It’s really cheap to rent if you don’t have one and it’ll be romantic and intimate to do together. You can talk and see how the other deals with the small hassles of the trip too.

6. Have a fondue night

Yes, you can have a cheap fondue night. It’s really not that expensive to get some melting cheese, some chocolate, and things to dip them in. You can even rig a double boiler by putting a glass bowl on top of a pot with some boiling water.

Then all you have to do is put the fondue in the glass bowl and dip away. You’ll feel like you’re on an expensive date that was actually very cheap.

7. Play board games

Everybody loves board games. Even if he claims to be too “mature” for them, you’ll see the child in him come out the second you pull out a game he used to love.

If you don’t have any board games, go to your local thrift store to see what they have first before going to a real store. Find one that seems fun and play a few rounds.

8. Give each other back massages

This might be a little too intimate for a first date but if you know each other well or are very comfortable around him, go for it.

Simply oil up and rub each other down. If you’re not willing to do a full back massage, then just massage each other’s hands while watching a movie. It’s a lot more relaxing than you’d expect.

9. Make each other sophisticated bar drinks

Pretend to be bartenders! The ingredients for drinks aren’t all that expensive and if you both use the same alcohol for them, it’ll be even cheaper.

Don’t make a simple rum and coke, either. Go big or go home. Try to make a very fancy drink and see how he likes it. You can laugh at your failure and get a little tipsy at the same time.

10. Go to a museum

Museums are highly underrated. There’s a lot you can learn and they’re very fun if you enjoy the type you go to.

A science museum might be more interesting to him than a history one but the fact that you want to go to a museum at all is something he otherwise might really like but not ask for.

Either way, you’ll be learning something together while getting to know each other at the same time. Plus, you’ll also be able to see his intelligence–or lack thereof. Hehe.

If you really want some first date ideas that’ll make you stand out, these are the best ones to choose from. Show him that you’re unique, fun, and can hold your own no matter what you choose to do.