All You Need To Know About Feminine Energy in Dating

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We have all heard the popular sayings, “opposites attract” and “the yin to my yang”. As we know this is true for many things in life and when it comes to relationships this theory of “balance” refers to the careful equilibrium of masculine energy and feminine energy.

The existence of both is the key to a successful relationship. Harnessing your own inner feminine energy in dating and everyday life is the secret every woman needs to know to attract a masculine energy man. 


What is feminine energy when dating  

Feminine energy encompasses qualities of care and nurture; love and emotion; openness and harmony. In today’s day and age we, women, have moved away from our feminine energy.

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Instead, we took on more masculine qualities to advance our careers, to take care of ourselves and really just make it in this fast-paced and competitive world. In some relationships, it’s the woman who leads the relationship and the household. We have had to measure up to men, we have had to prove our worth and we have had to suppress a lot of our innate feminine energy to not seem so “emotional” or “weak”. 

However, embracing our feminine energy is what sets us apart from men. It gives women all the power when dating and in relationships.

It is a more heart-centered connection, instead of a commanding and assertive one, that will make you feel more confident and powerful, as a woman, in turn attracting men.

How to radiate feminine energy  

In order to radiate your beauty and magic through feminine energy, you first need to understand how to manifest your feminine energy. The following exercises will awaken and bring out the instinctual characteristics of your feminine energy. 

Each exercise gives you the opportunity to connect with yourself on a deeper level, to understand the awareness of feminine energy, and experience every moment of your life in a truly more beautiful way. 

  • Get out of your head and into your heart

Allowing yourself to feel, embracing your heart, and tapping into your internal energy is the key to discovering empowerment and beauty. 

  • Let go of control

Allow yourself to flow more freely through life, enjoy the little daily happenings instead of trying to control them. 

  • Trust your intuition 

This is one of the biggest assets of feminine energy and one that is often forgotten. You, and all women, are most powerful when you trust your own intuition. Your intuition protects you, it guides you and brings awareness to the feelings and needs of those closest to you. It is usually right on target when it comes to knowing if a guy is right for you or not right from the beginning.

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  • Connect to those closest to you

A true emotional connection has the power to create a supportive network and a feeling of value. Creating and holding onto true emotional connections allows you to also dig deeper into your heart.  

  • Giving love/nurture

Nurturing is such an instinctual thing and a big part of what makes up feminine energy. It provides women with a feeling of achievement, but also provides peace at the same time. 

This does not only refer to nurturing others but also yourself. Show yourself some love, compassion and a whole lot of support. 

  • Allow vulnerability

Vulnerability is strength. Vulnerability is power. Being vulnerable not only shows power and strength, but it also allows you to tune in to your true self.
Listen to your heart and let your inner emotions and desires show.  

  • Adorn yourself 

This sounds materialistic, but the act of spending even just a little time on your . Whether it’s putting on lipstick, curling your hair, putting on that cute dress that’s been in the back of your closet for ages or wearing your favorite pair of earrings… It can be so therapeutic and extremely empowering. 

  • Own your sensuality

Being connected to your body is just as important as being connected to your heart and soul. So naturally, taking the time to listen to your body, understanding what it wants and what it desires, allows for a more playful and sensual attitude. 

woman wearing sunglasses with eyes peaking above with a powerful stare

Using feminine energy to attract a man 

One of the key characteristics of feminine energy is “being”. “Being” is the concept of living in the moment, being present. Appreciating current situations and allowing oneself (and those around you) to experience and express emotions, feelings and thoughts. Without necessarily looking for a solution. 

Masculine energy is the exact opposite of that – men are “fixers”. They need to solve a problem, do something or make a decision. Especially if there is an issue.
A large part of masculine energy is the need to provide and the want to be needed. 

So by harnessing this strength of “being’ and expressing your needs and desires in a more heart-centered way, instead of an assertive one. He will feel compelled to take action and make sure that you are happy. 

Men want to feel like the “knight in shining armor”. They want to know that they “solved your problem” or “solved a challenge” that you are facing. By being intuitive and feeling out his emotions, then playing on those emotions in a more heartfelt way… you’re portraying the “damsel in distress” or “lady in waiting”, that men just cannot ignore.


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Feminine energy when texting

man looking at his phone smiling and reading a text message

A complete intimacy killer for masculine energy is being criticized, controlled and shut out. It’s important that when communicating with a man with strong masculine energy you are kind and gentle in your approach. 

Apart from kinky sexting – Texts like, “Hey, it’s been so long since we spent time together, so you have to take me on a date tonight!” just won’t work. By sending this text, you have criticized the man for not spending enough time with you and then demanded a date. If you want him to open up to you, use a kind tone with language that entices him. 

For example, “Hey Handsome, it would be great to chat when you have a chance, I missed you”. This text sends the message that you find him attractive first of all, that you respect and acknowledge his time and space, but also that you have chosen him amongst all the other men and you need him. 

This heart-centered and considerate style of communication comes naturally when you tap into your energy. Remember that as long as you communicate with a man from your head, he will do the same. It is when you go into your heart and into your soul, that the man will do the same.

Final tip.

I know it’s hard to bring your feminine energies out there.

Yes, it does take time to get used to it and turn it into something that happens naturally.

Talking dirty is a great way to get used to it.

Part of the feminine energies is flowing through your language. Therefore, speaking your ideas and desires and opinion is crucial.

Knowing how to let those energies flow with a touch of spiciness and warmness can make so much difference for your surrounding and your own state of being.

When a woman says what’s on her mind, sometimes people can lose focus or not listen from the same place you speak it.

That’s why it’s important to keep the spiciness there.

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