The Ultimate Guide To The Eiffel Tower Sex Position

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If you’re really looking to spice up your sex life, sometimes it’s even beneficial to get someone else involved. One position you have to try in this instance is the Eiffel tower sex position.

Because if you’re not careful, sex can get boring. And when you’re not happy in bed, your relationship will start to suffer. That means you’ll want to start throwing in some fun sex positions to keep things interesting.

Be warned, this isn’t for the faint of heart. If you’re looking for something fun, adventurous, and extra naughty, this one’s for you.

What is the Eiffel tower sex position?

With a name like this, your mind is probably all over the place. What does it really look like, though?

Essentially what this position does is make all three people look like an Eiffel tower from afar. There are two guys and one woman involved.

The woman is usually on all fours with a guy entering her from behind. While he’s doing that, she’s also giving another guy head right in front of her.

Since the two guys are across from each other, they’d then high five in order to complete the Eiffel tower position.
eiffel tower sex threesome

Difficulty rating

While this might sound like a complex sex position, it’s actually fairly simple. The person it’s most difficult for is the woman since she’s really getting something at both ends.

The only thing that will make this position more difficult is if you’re not into having sex with more than one other person. You can’t complete this move without three people.

What she should be doing in this position

For you ladies out there, you get to work while you get a little something in return right away.

You’ll be on your hands and knees as one guy enters you from behind. While staying in this position, another guy will move to your front so you can give him head at the same time.

It’s a little trickier for us ladies since there’s actually something else to focus on. You don’t just get all the play without working a bit for it.

What he should be doing in this position

Men, on the other hand, have it a bit easier. At least the guy in front of the woman does. One guy will be behind the woman, having some fun from behind while the other is in front with her mouth on him.

One thing that’ll make this sex position a lot easier is if you two work together to form a rhythm. That way things aren’t awkward for one guy while the other has all the fun.

Special tips and tricks for the Eiffel tower sex position

If you want to make sure this sex position works and works well, you’ll want to follow some of these tips that’ll make it effective and successful.

1. Make sure you’re up for it

Don’t get into a threesome if you’re not really ready for it. It’s an intense experience and you’ll want to make sure you’re 100% certain you want to go through with it. Otherwise, it just won’t be fun for anyone.

2. Get into a rhythm

Since there are three people in this position, you want to make sure you’re settling into a rhythm, especially with how your bodies are situated.

The guys are really responsible for this one, but the girl can orchestrate it too if she wants.

Keep in mind that working together like this will result in the most pleasure overall so try to get in sync.

3. Communicate

Just talk to each other. What usually makes sex bad is a lack of communication and not working to please each other.

So open your mouth if something isn’t going the way you’d like. Tell them if the rhythm is off or if you need to adjust slightly for it to feel better.

Good sex is communicative sex.

4. Use toys

The guys won’t really need to deal with these as much but the woman can benefit from some sort of vibrating toy. Since she’s being put to work, it’s only fair she has something to do with her free hand.

Just make sure you’re not paying too much attention to the toy and aren’t working to please the guys.

5. Have the guys switch places

You want to make sure you’re keeping things interesting, right?

Don’t just keep the guys in a single role for the entire time. The guy who’s getting a blowjob might like a turn from behind and vice versa.

It also allows you to have a small break and your body won’t be so used to the sensations.

Variations of this position

Is this your style and you want a little something else to transition to? We have a few other positions that’ll do the trick.

Being able to switch positions while maintaining the same level of pleasure is what’ll make your sex out of this world.

If you still want to do this but without the second person, you can simply do doggy. To make it more like the Eiffel tower sex position, have the girl face a wall so you can both put your hands up against it.

You can also switch out the guy in front for another girl and it would still maintain the same shape. Or you could take it easy and tip the entire group over so you’re more like a fallen Eiffel tower. That would make it a bit easier for all parties if you like some slower-paced sex.

Who is this position best for?

This isn’t a sex position for everyone. Since there are supposed to be two people, you have to be comfortable with it.

It’s more for the daring and adventurous types and not really for those who like to play it safe.

Keeping your sex life interesting and putting forth the effort to please each other in new and fun ways is what’ll keep your relationship together. This is just one of the many naughty sex positions you can try out.


Trying new positions is an essential thing to do for your exploration and your life. Needless to say, many couples are losing their spark because they lack creativity and trying new things.

With that being said, it takes a lot to come out of your comfort zone and be in a place where you ok with trying new things.

For example – talking dirty to your partner.

People get the wrong impression in the first place, yet slowly but surely they realize it’s not a bad thing to do.

Talking dirty can bring you out of your comfort zone and benefit your life in so many ways you don’t even know.

Yup, when I say so many ways I mean it.

Imagine people around you hear words they don’t expect you to say because they put you in a certain category.


You shocked them and now they got your attention. Now you are no longer the person they think you are.

Language is one of the strongest tools we have but we never try to go wild with it.

That’s why I wrote all you need to know about talking dirty to a guy. It’s a complete eBook teaching you EXACTLY what to say WHEN to say, HOW to say, and essentially becoming an owner for your words and thoughts and ideas and desires.

Because there is only one way of getting them out of our system to claim it.

Exactly… we MUST speak it.

So, for your next adventure whether it’s another position you try or another relationship, make sure to apply your dirty talking there and you can thank me later 🙂

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