Is The Domi 2 The Best Remote Controlled Wand?

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More than 75% of women require clitoral stimulation in order to achieve orgasm so it’s no wonder the market is flooded with all kinds of vibrators and clitoral stimulation toys.  

Lovense created this powerful, wireless and compact pleasure tool to help you achieve those sometimes-elusive female orgasms. The Domi 2 claims to be a power toy for solo- and couples-play through the use of its easy-to-use game-changing technology. 

It’s advertised as a “mini” wand that has the same super-powerful vibrations as its more well-known and mature competitors .

Due to Lovense’s great advertising, I was extremely excited to get my hands on the Domi 2 and put these claims of power, simplicity, comfort and flexibility to the test, and boy oh boy was I surprised…

domi 2 remote wandThere are vibrators and then there are vibrators. So, trust me when I say that the wand vibrator is synonymous with power and o-worthy strength (if you know what I mean). 

This tool was initially created back in the early 1900s as a massager, but became famous for its intense clitoral stimulation abilities in the late 1960s. Hells yes!  

The electrical motor in a wand powers the vibrating rubber head or ball to send the deepest rumbly vibrations through your vulva, making it one of the best clitoral stimulator options out there. 

Wands provide “coverage” of a larger area of the vulva and clitoris than a smaller (or rabbit) vibrator does. Creating a much more intense pleasuring and rumbly experience all over. 

Personally, I feel that there is a place for both in this world – for a more targeted approach a smaller vibrator is perfect and for a more powerful session of pleasure a wand will work best. It all depends on your mood and sexual needs that day. 

What makes the Domi 2 so special?

Design and packaging

Domi 2 Package remote wand

This wand comes in simple, slick packaging with very clear instructions on the box and user manual inside. In addition, the Domi 2 comes with a USB charging cable (be sure to take it out before disposing of the packaging).

One look at this vibrator and you can see a lot of love and care went into its modern and elegant design (thank you Lovense for steering away from the stereotypical pink or purple vibrator).

The entire toy is fitted with a soft and velvety feeling silicone cover, including the body and the head, making for a comfortable feel in the hand and an extremely pleasurable touch on your skin.

It feels even more amazing when coupled with a water-based lube (do not use a silicon-based lube on this product, as its exterior is fully silicone), easily gliding and anywhere I want it.

In addition, the ridges in the middle of the shaft (or handle) provide a good grip and make it comfortable to hold and use.

Before using this toy for the first time, you will need to charge it. And while it charges you can download the Lovense App on your phone or PC (the App is compatible with most operating systems).


The most famous wand is the Hitachi Magic Wand and although it does get the job done, it is pretty much a monster in size – 12.5 inches long, with a head width of 2.5 inches. This can make it a little difficult to navigate at times and especially uncomfortable to hold during longer sessions. 

The Domi 2 in comparison is only 9.21 inches in length and its head is 1.74 inches wide, making it lighter and easier to maneuver. 

I especially love that its smaller head allows me to continue using this toy during penetration. It doesn’t get in the way and the deep rumble feels great for my partner too. 

Its size and light weight mean it’s a great travel toy, which is especially perfect for me!

The Domi 2 Is Rechargeable

While most old-school wands use a cord that needs to be plugged into a wall socket throughout use, the Domi 2 is a cordless and rechargeable toy. Goodbye unsustainable batteries and tangled cords! 

Lovense have even ensured that this model surpasses the charge power of its predecessor, the Domi 1. They claim that this wand is capable of 5 – 6 hours of continuous use, which I must honestly say, I have yet to put to the test.  

I usually charge it after a few uses and have never had it die on me in mid-performance. 


domi 2 Strength

This is where the surprise of this more-compact wand comes in – it may be smaller and wireless, but it is not less powerful than its larger competitors. On the contrary, it is one of the most powerful vibrators I have ever experienced. 

To top it off this vibrator doesn’t just “buzz”, it provides the deepest vibrations!

If you are using the wand manually (pressing the buttons on the toy), be aware that there are only 3 pre-programmed speeds, which start off fairly strong and end at oh-my-holy-oh! So, I recommend you start low and slow, taking your time to work through the speeds and patterns.

domi2 vs competitors

TIP: If you want to know what the speed and strength will feel like and whether you can handle it, use the vibrator on the skin just above your lip. It’s also a pretty sensitive area and can give you an idea of what it could feel like on your vulva.  

The Domis’ flexible and reinforced neck also allows you to control your own pressure, from any angle you like! You can press down firmly for a more intense vibration or tease yourself by gently placing it on your clitoris, controlling the level of stimulation yourself. 

The wand also has 4 pre-programmed patterns which rise and fall, constantly changing and keeping you and your sweet-spot in suspense, with amazing strength, intensity and speed. 

Programmable AND Remote control!

Domi2 App

As good as the pre-programmed patterns and speeds are (particularly giving me a real good tease)… The best part of this toy is the fact that you can control the speed and create your own patterns via your mobile device App. Which means the possibilities are limitless! 

The Lovense app is simple and easy to get around, with strong Bluetooth connectivity. 

It allows you to create your own patterns with your chosen speed and intensity, which is a game changer

I love creating moments of suspense followed by peaks of intense vibrations, on a loop. And there are times when I also enjoy searching for and trying out other users’ patterns(!) on the app to change things up a little. 

You’re also able to change the colors of the LED light ring around the Domi 2. Not something that particularly excites me about this toy, but it’s a fun additional touch to its customizability. 

Long distance use

For those in long distance relationships or who spend time away from their partners, this feature can be really AMAZING and adds so many new opportunities! 

Through the use of the app, you can give full accessibility of your Domi 2 wand to someone else. How incredibly exciting and surprising!

Fortunately live with my partner, but he has had to often travel to other cities for work and this toy has really been wonderful during those days apart. By giving him access to my Lovense app, he can regulate and choose how my toy vibrates and what I feel, either by manually controlling it on the app or by setting the toy to automatically react to the beat and speed of his chosen music playlist.

domi 2 long distance app

And for his pleasure, we use a third-party video calling tool during these sessions so that he can see exactly how our fantasies play out. To be honest I actually feel super sensual during these video calls, making me even more aroused! This creates a far more intimate experience in our video call sessions , then just sexting or jerking off while he listens.

There is also bi-directional control available through your phone, which means synced couples play!  Both you and your partner can sync your toys to the app and one will react to the other. A perfect example is syncing the Max 2 male masturbation toy and Domi 2 to each other through the app. When your partner slides his Max 2 toy up and down his penis, your toy in turn will simulate the same strokes and speed, allowing for more connected couples play from a distance (or even across from each other).   

Remember: You do not need to be miles away to use this function. Sometimes a little self-pleasure show for your partner, can be a real turn on too, especially while he sits back and controls it.


domi2 attachments

Lovense really thought about everything when creating this toy, having additional (separately sold) attachments for the Domi 2. So, if you are looking for some internal play or penis stimulation, these two attachments are perfect! 

The female attachment, with its classically curved G-Spot arm feels so good on the mouth of my vagina and once it slips in…! 

There are many other options on this attachment for continued clitoral stimulation, but with a difference. The flappy elephant-like ears in the front provide a more teasing sensitive touch, while the flexible nubs on the sides are more intense. 

The female attachment can also be used as a mount, allowing you to have a hands-free experience during solo play. 

The male attachment, likewise, has two functions – the flexible p-spot arm can add a little prostate massaging fun and the adjustable open shaft arm stimulates any penis size, providing ribbed and vibrational pleasure. 

Care Instructions

This design of this toy really makes for easy cleaning. The entire toy – neck, head and handle are all made of the same smooth silicone material which can be wiped down with a wet cloth or carefully rinsed. 

Because of Domi’s charging plug, the toy is not fully waterproof, so be careful not to submerge it completely in water. 

Domi 2 Pros and cons


  • Long battery life means longer play
  • Lightweight and small for a wand
  • Silicone head feels smooth & velvety
  • Easy to clean
  • Powerful rumbling vibrations
  • Strong connectivity for remote control
  • Long distance use
  • Customizable vibration patterns
  • Synchronizes to music
  • Cordless & rechargeable
  • Easy to navigate app
  • Reinforced neck for flexible pressure
  • Travel friendly


  • Technically not waterproof, only splash resistant
  • A little loud
  • Attachments for internal and hands-free use need to be purchased separately (which is understandable)

Who will love the Domi 2?

the domi2 remote wand

This toy creates a truly intimate experience for couples and I highly advise you and your lover to invest in this bad boy, especially if you are in a long-distance relationship. It may just be the sensual experience you and your partner have been waiting for!

Other than a great tool for couples, this toy is for every woman, especially those that have been dissatisfied by the weak vibrations of other toys. 

Trust me, you will not be disappointed with this one!

If you are new to this wonderful world of sex toys and vibrators, check out our guide on how to pick the right toy for you

Final Verdict On the Domi 2

When it comes to wands, the Domi 2 is absolutely AMAZING. His competitors offer less customization and are much clunkier. And for the same price, it has the long-distance remote functions AND capabilities that other wands simply don’t have.

This toy has been a great investment for me, my orgasms and my partner! I highly recommend it. 

But if you are still not sold, here are some other great wands and remote-control vibrators for you to check out!