Do Long Distance Relationships Work? (And How To Make Yours Work)

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There are so many reasons you might find yourself with someone who lives super far away. But do long distance relationships work out in the end?

With what society has been preaching for far too long, it can seem like your relationship is hopeless. Most people think long distance relationships are doomed.

That mindset can make you think yours is too.

But the truth is, long distance relationships can work out perfect if you know how to make them a success. It’s about putting in the effort to make it work.

This is how to give your relationship the greatest chance of success.

1. Communicate Regularly

You know how important communication is in relationships by now. The thing with long distance ones is that it’s even more crucial that you learn to talk to each other effectively.

And I’m not just talking about getting on the phone and droning on about your day.

With this type of communication, I’m talking about telling each other when you’re upset or in need of more attention.

It can be hard to do but the more you openly talk about how you’re feeling, the better chance your relationship has of surviving.

2. Keep Your Sex Life Active And Interesting

This one can be confusing. You’re not together, so how can you keep your sex life alive, let alone interesting?

The truth is, there are so many ways to have sex from a distance. Sure, you’re not technically having physical sex but phone sex is a thing. Sexting is a thing.

The best way to keep your man interested and hanging on your every word while having phone sex is to use dirty talk. Don’t underestimate the power of naughty words over the phone.

This not only keeps him interested, but it also reduces the chances of him straying and being unfulfilled sexually.

3. Have “Date” Nights

No, you can’t go see a movie together but you can watch a movie at the same time while on the phone or while video chatting.

You don’t even need to go that far, technically. You can just watch a movie and then hop on a phone call after to talk about it.

This is especially useful for movies in theater.

This way, you’ll still do things “together” and be able to discuss them afterward.

4. See Each Other As Often As Possible

You have to plan and budget for this. If your relationship is a priority, this shouldn’t really be an issue.

But you need to make time to see each other whenever you can.

This obviously depends on how far away you are from each other but reconnecting in person can help you both remember how you truly feel about each other.

5. Be Active In Each Other’s Lives

You don’t have to be living where your partner is in order to be present in his life. All you really have to do is send him lunch from a local eatery.

Doing things that make both of you feel like you’re only a short drive away will make you feel closer.

And that means doing those little things that you’d be doing if you were actually living close to him.

Bringing him lunch isn’t an option so you can instead have it delivered.

6. Have Trust

This is one of the hardest parts because trust is so fragile. It can dwindle over time without any real reason for it.

Focus on making an effort to trust your man. Unless he keeps giving you a reason to be concerned, you shouldn’t be.

He misses you just as much as you miss him. Remember that.

7. Set Ground Rules

Figuring out when you both want to talk and what type of rules you need to have to make your relationship work will help it succeed.

Determine your boundaries with friends and how often you need to video chat in order to maintain your relationship.

Since you are so far away, you can’t be there to remind each other of these things.

Having them out in the open is crucial.

8. Respect Each Other’s Boundaries

It’s not enough to just put rules in place. You also have to respect them and abide by them.

It’s mainly about respecting each other. If your man isn’t fond of you spending a night downtown alone with a male friend of yours, have a girlfriend tag along.

Disrespecting each other’s boundaries will only lead to mistrust and ultimately, the end of your relationship.

So make it a priority to follow his rules and he’ll follow yours, so long as they’re not completely unreasonable.

9. Video Chat When You Can

The phone is great for talking and texting, but seeing each other’s faces is what’ll help most. You’ll feel as if they’re right there with you when you do this.

Being able to put his voice to his face in real time makes you feel a bit better about the distance too.

Even though you can’t actually reach out and touch your man, you still feel a deeper connection when his face is right there in front of you.

So video chat a few times a week just to keep that feeling alive.

10. Have Faith In Your Connection As A Couple

You two are together for a reason. You feel such a deep connection with one another that you’re even keeping your relationship alive from a long distance.

Having faith that your relationship can withstand this obstacle is vital to its success. The more you doubt each other, the worse your situation will get.

So remember why you’re together in the first place. Realize that despite being so far apart, you both want to make it work.

That’ll be enough to keep you going.

So do long distance relationships work? Of course they do!

Ultimately, the outcome of your relationship depends on your communication, keeping your sex life fun and exciting, and trusting one another.

And to keep your man focused on you alone, discover his deepest sexual side by learning how to talk dirty to him.