61 Fun And Creative Date Night Ideas

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After you’ve been together for a while, it’s easy to run out of date night ideas.

Our hectic schedules usually get in the way and it’s much easier to just chill at home or have dinner and drinks somewhere. You don’t have to make a lot of effort and it still counts as a date, right?

Well, fun date nights shouldn’t stop after you’ve tied the knot. You need to work on the relationship, seduce your husband daily, and try to spend quality time together even after years in a marriage.

Don’t worry, we got you covered with these fun and creative date night ideas that will help you bond with your man and keep the fire alive. 

Table of Contents

Cheap Date Night Ideas

couple having a picnic

1. Try new foods

Unless you’re an absolute foodie, there must be a food you haven’t tried yet. Whether it’s Mexican, Japanese, Indian, Lebanese or something completely different, organize an exciting dinner that will give you and your man a chance to experiment with food. 

2. Go on a picnic

 Picnics are sweet, romantic and cheap, which always makes them a good idea. All you need is nice weather, some snacks, and a blanket, and you’re good to go. This one is also lovely if you want to include kids in your date night plans.

3. Play in the snow

Remember how much joy snow used to bring you when you were a kid? Wake up your inner child and invite your hubby to play in the snow. Build a snowman, have a snowball fight or have him pull you in a sled.

4. Go to a sports game

Want to make your husband happy? Take him to a sports game. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can go to a small local event or splurge on a big game.

5. Act like tourists

You don’t have time or money to take a trip somewhere? Never mind, you can still be tourists in your own city and have almost as much fun. Visit a museum, go to a touristy part of your city, take photos and try to see everything from a different point of view.

6. Go to a flea market

Although it doesn’t sound very exciting, a date at a flea market can be a blast if you open your mind. You never know what treasure you may stumble upon and you’re bound to have some laughs as you rummage about. 

7. Go to a drive-in

It’s an oldie but goldie. Instead of watching a movie at the same old boring movie theater you always go to, shake things up and watch it from the comfort of your own car. You can even snuggle together beneath a blanket.

8. Visit a museum

Prefer something a bit more sophisticated than a simple movie? Then set aside an afternoon and go check out your local museum. You can grab a coffee afterward and discuss what you’ve learned.

9. Volunteer together

If you enjoy helping others, you can now do it together. You can volunteer almost anywhere these days – local soup kitchens, animal shelters, national parks, and so on. Check out what places are available near you and have fun while you’re at it!

Sporty Date Night Ideas

couple sitting on a rock in nature

10. Play a sport together

Playing sports together can actually be very beneficial for your relationship. So, pick a sport and enjoy a friendly game. You can learn some new moves or just have fun on the court. And remember that competition can be very sexy.

11.  Go ice skating

Ice skating is a classic winter date idea, but many couples never dare to try it. Even if you’re scared, you should give it a try. It’s super fun and romantic, and even falling can be cute when you have your hubby to help you back up. 

12. Go hiking

Hiking is an amazing date idea for nature lovers. No matter where you live, you must have some great hiking trails in your area where you and your man can get away from the world and just enjoy the fresh air and each other’s company.

13. Go biking

Another awesome idea for active couples is biking. If you don’t have your own bikes, you can always rent them. Find a good biking route and enjoy a peaceful conversation while you exercise. 

14. Practice your skills at a shooting range

Love guns? Like shooting in a safe and controlled environment? Then head out down to your local shooting range and test your skills against your partner. Be sure to ask for the bullet-ridden target as a souvenir. 

15. Go bowling

A great American pastime, bowling is one of the classic date night ideas. And it’s not just for kids either. People of all ages can enjoy this hobby and even invite other couples or kids along.

16. Go to the gym together

Today, more than ever, couples all over the country are exercising together. You can have fun, motivate each other, and even indulge in some playful competition. 

17. Try rock climbing

I’ll have to be honest – it’s probably best to skip this one if you’re not already fit. However, if you are, then rock climbing is a great way to spend time with your partner. You can choose between outdoor or indoor climbing, depending on what’s available.

18. Go for a run around the neighborhood

On fair weather days, there’s nothing better than lacing up your sneakers and going out for a quick run with your significant other. Actually there is – that feeling you have when you beat him across the finish line.

Sexy Date Night Ideas

woman wearing stockings

19. Have a sex marathon

You don’t have to go out to have a perfect date night with your man, you can have just as much fun in your bedroom. Challenge each other to an all-night sex marathon and add some spice by trying something you’ve never done before.

20. Go skinny dipping

Feeling naughty? Pretend you and your husband are still teenagers and do something a little bold, like skinny dipping. The adrenaline will get your heart racing and you probably won’t be able to keep your hands off each other.

21. Plan a board game night with a twist

A board game night is a perfect idea when you’re tired and don’t feel like going out but you still want to enjoy a date. But instead of regular board games, add a twist to it. Play strip poker, truth or dare, or turn any other game into its sexy version with a little bit of imagination.

22. Roleplay your innermost desires

You don’t have to wait until Haloween to be a sexy nurse or a seductive vampire. You can dress up and surprise him after he gets back from work. That’s something he’ll never see coming and he’ll love you even more for it.

23. Introduce some toys in your bedroom

It’s easy to fall into a routine if you’ve been with the same person for a long period of time. The single most effective way to break out of that routine is to introduce new things to your sex life. I’m partial to remote control vibrators myself – they offer a ton of fun both indoors and outdoors, and nobody will ever know you’re wearing one.

24. Mix food and sex for added fun

If you’re not ready to introduce toys to your bedroom, how about food? Whipped cream, chocolate, even gummy bears – the possibilities are endless. In fact, we do have an article about the best foods to use for sex – be sure to check it out.

25. Have a sexy photoshoot 

If you have a DSLR camera around this can be a lot of fun. You can put on your sexiest lingerie, and he can test his photography skills capturing you in the best poses. Obviously, these pictures are FHEO – for his eyes only.

Fun Date Night Ideas

man and woman laughing

26. Go to an amusement park

Amusement parks are not just for kids. Take a romantic ride on the Ferris wheel, get your adrenaline rush on a wild rollercoaster or just eat some cotton candy and let your hubby win you a teddy bear. 

27. Go dancing

If you liked to go dancing when you were younger and single, why should you give it up? Ask your man to take you out and dance the night away just like in the old times. Dancing is also an excellent aphrodisiac when you want to get him in the mood.  

28. Hit a karaoke night

For most of us, going to a karaoke night means stepping outside our comfort zone big time. But that’s exactly why you should do it. Spend your date night at a karaoke club and challenge your man to a sing-off. 

29. Take a wine or brewery tour

Is there a vineyard or a brewery somewhere close to where you live? Use the opportunity to relax in the countryside and do a wine or brewery tour. It’s a fabulous combination of nature and exquisite taste for couples who love the finer things in life. 

30. Have an adventure

If you and your hubby are adrenaline junkies, an adventure will be an ideal date for you. Go skydiving, bungee jumping or rafting, anything that gives you that blood rush you crave, and make sure to find time for adventuring at least once a year.

31. Take a hot-air balloon ride

There’s hardly anything more romantic than a hot-air balloon ride. It’s beautiful and exciting at the same time, and it will be a date you’ll never forget. Perfect for an anniversary.

32. See a comedy show 

A night spent laughing is a night well spent. So grab your partner and see tonight’s stand up – even if it’s not that funny, you can make fun of the bad jokes afterward. 

33. Go to a concert

There’s nothing that brings people together as the music they both like. If your favorite band is playing soon, buy the tickets and bring your significant other along for a night of incredible fun.

34. Sing karaoke together

I’ll admit it: I’m way too shy to try this one. But if you’re not, grab the mike at your local karaoke bar and sing your heart out. A friendly tip: you’re going to sound so much better after a few drinks (in your head at least).

At Home Date Night Ideas

35. Host a game night

There are times where you just want to be alone with your partner… and then there are the times when the more really is the merrier. Dust off your old board games and invite friends over for a night of laughs. In this digital world, we rarely get the chance to just sit and connect with other people in real life – cherish those moments.

36. Have a movie marathon

Don’t want to drive to a movie theater? Not a problem – just snuggle to each other and choose your movies. I’m personally partial to the director’s cut of the Lord of the Rings – all 12 hours of it.

37. Remodel your home together

Do you have a fixer-upper room you’ve been meaning to renovate forever? No better time than the present. Grab the tools you need and spend an afternoon working together to make your home a prettier place.

38. Learn how to mix cocktails 

No, you don’t have to recreate the bar scene from the movie Cocktail (of course, you’re free to try). But you can simply buy a bunch of ingredients and watch some Youtube videos on how to make the tastiest Bloody Mary ever together.

39. Cook a fancy dinner for two

Not a big fan of cocktails? How about fine dining? The premise is still the same – buy a bunch of ingredients and learn how to make a tasty meal for two. 

40. Babysit for a friend

If you don’t have kids yet, you can test having one by agreeing to babysit your friend’s kid for a few hours while they go out on a date night of their own. It doesn’t sound glamourous, but it can still be a lot of fun and you get to see how your future husband handles little kids.

Romantic Date Night Ideas

41. Watch the sunset together

Is there any more romantic than watching a sunset together? If there is, I’m struggling to remember it. This is a classic for a reason. The only thing that could make it more perfect is if you lived near the beach.

42. Go for a boat ride 

On the surface (heh, see what I did there), boat rides don’t sound super romantic. However, if you find yourself on a small boat with not a lot of people around, it can be great. And of course, you can always try to recreate the famous Titanic scene.

43. Take a walk on the beach

Now, this is a tricky one. As everyone knows, trying to have a romantic moment on a crowded beach is not an easy feat. But if you can sneak out in the early morning or late evening, there’s a good chance you can have the beach all to yourself. 

44. Eat takeout by candlelight 

This works great because you’re taking a well-known cliche – eating a fancy dinner in a romantic restaurant – and turning it on its head. Chinese, Indian, Mexican – heck, even a regular pizza will do. 

45. Go stargazing 

Picture this: you’re lying down on a blanket with your boyfriend. You’re on a hill somewhere, completely alone. With his arms around you, you’re both looking up at the shining stars, enjoying the peace and quiet while taking in the majestic beauty of the universe. Now is that romantic or what?

46. Have breakfast in bed

Breakfast in bed doesn’t have to be just for special occasions. You can always surprise your partner by bringing him one when he’s least expecting it. Hopefully, he’s smart enough to reciprocate so you can make that a regular thing.

Date Night Ideas For Married Couples

47. Have a staycation 

Don’t have the time to take a proper vacation to some exotic locale? Why not take a staycation instead? Be a tourist in your own town and explore it together for a day or two – you’ll never know what you might find out!

48. Go to a spa

How does a day of lounging, relaxing, and being pampered like royalty sound? Amazing, right? Well, the only thing that could make it better is sharing it with your loved one. It shouldn’t be too hard to convince him to spend a day with you relaxing and lounging, right? 

49. Go to a jazz club

Now, there’s no arguing that everybody has a different taste in music. That being said, you can always try to expand your (or your husband’s) horizons. Jazz clubs are great because you can both enjoy the music and conversation without having to yell at each other.

50. Play mini golf together

Mini golf? Really? Yes, really. Despite what you may think, mini golfing is actually a lot of fun and can test your skills. Not to mention, it provides a safe space for some flirty competition.

51. Go on a double date with your friends

Want to mix things up? Invite your friends on a double date. If you and your husband always go out on date nights alone, this can be a welcome change of pace in your routine. Just make sure they’re friends you both enjoy spending time with!

52. Go to the opera

Contrary to popular belief, opera is so much more than just fat ladies singing. And what better time to dip your toe in the waters of high culture than now that you’re both grown-ups who can appreciate it properly?

53. Get coffee and just talk to each other

Not all date night ideas have to be fancy or super-complicated. Sometimes all you need is a cup of coffee, a quiet table, and your husband. The most meaningful conversations I’ve had with my partner started out this way.

Creative Date Night Ideas

54. Take a cooking class 

Ever watched Gordon Ramsey and wondered if you could be like that? (Regarding chef skills, obviously).  Well, you can. Sign up for a local cooking class with your significant other, and you both will be on your way to becoming master chefs in no time. 

55. Check out an art show

When you want to feel super fancy, you can dress up in your finest clothes and check out a local gallery. Drinking champagne while discussing art is a great way to spend a date, even if you’re not artistic yourself.

56. Sign up for an improv class

Want a surefire way to laugh, have fun, and bond like never before? Try an improv class. Not only will it help you with any shyness you might have, but you’ll also have endless amounts of material to tease each other afterward.

57. Take a pottery-making class

You’ll notice that a lot of the ideas here are classes. There’s a reason for that: not only will learning new stuff bring you closer together, but you’ll also share new experiences that are unique to your relationship. And, with regards to pottery, you can even make your own art. Win, win, win.

58. Find your way out of an escape room together

In the last few years, these have become hugely popular all across the world. Get another couple to go with you and spend a few hours figuring out clues and trying to get out in time. Trust me, it’s a lot of fun!

59. Have fun go-karting

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Maybe you’ve watched all of the Fast & Furious movies and wanted to feel that rush of accelerating your car. If you’re not interested in joining underground racing competitions, try go-karting. It’s very similar and a lot safer.

60. Take music lessons 

Guitar, piano, violin – it doesn’t really matter. If you ever wanted to try out your hand at playing an instrument, now’s the time. And if you both turn out to be good at it, you can even start a family band – so there’s something to look forward to.

61. Explore a new restaurant

A new place opened in your neighborhood? Why not check it out? I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not the most original date night idea ever, but it’s still worth mentioning.

There you have it. A bunch of memorable date night ideas that will help you reconnect with your husband and keep that spark alive even after years together.

Don’t forget how important it is to spend time with your man, and find time for romance, excitement and new experiences. It’s the key to a strong, healthy marriage, and that will last.