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How To Ride A Man: 9 Tips To Follow

Now, if you haven’t been on top as much (or at all), a common mistake is to think you just have to get on top and get riding.Big no-no. Why?Riding is physically engaging. You need to put in effort, which helps you appreciate how much he works when he’s on top.And while it’s not rocket […]


How To Give A Blowjob: The Ultimate Guide

When it comes to pleasing your man and keeping him satisfied, blowjobs are definitely the way to go.As far as stuff men love in bed, a blowjob is pretty much always at the top.For some reason, it’s one of those things guys love receiving. However, women aren’t as excited to give them, most of the […]


BDSM For Beginners: 7 Tips To Get You Started

Being in a relationship with your man for quite some time means that you are doing something right.You’ve got good chemistry and you’re probably working hard to keep your man happy and satisfied. And he probably puts in the same effort as you.However, even the most rock-solid relationships are subject to rough patches.


9 Kinky Sex Ideas to Try Out With Your Man

When it comes to pleasing your man and making sure he’s happy, getting kinky is always a solid choice.But it’s not easy coming up with kinky sex ideas when you’re inexperienced in the art of frisky bedtime romps.Thankfully, we’re here to help. If you feel like your sex life is boring or just want to […]


11 Sex Games To Play With Your Boyfriend

Thank the internet that sex as a discussion topic has been thoroughly exposed.Making love (or just plain getting it on) is becoming viewed less and less as an act that has to be perfect and impeccable.Sex is clumsy, spontaneous, sometimes lacking, and sometimes embarrassing. And once the seriousness is gone, you realize how intimate and […]


101 Sexting Messages To Send To Your Boyfriend

When it comes to heating things up in the bedroom, you might actually want to start on your phone.While it might be confusing to start the foreplay over the phone, it’s actually one of the best ways to up the anticipation and get your man ready for a sexy night.But you can’t just send any […]


How To Have Sex In Public And Not Get Caught

Keeping your sex life satisfying and fun can be a quite a challenge.Most of us, especially those in long term relationships, can fall into a sexual rut for various reasons.Whether it’s work or personal issues to deal with on a daily basis, things seem to get in the way all too often.


Should You Spit Or Swallow? Here’s the Real Truth

Many sexually active women have faced this dilemma at one point of their lives. Should you spit or swallow is the common question I’ll attempt to answer today.Let’s face it. No two women are the same. Each has their own preferences when it comes to giving their man head and spitting or swallowing afterwards.Generally, each […]


How To Give A Handjob: The Definitive Guide 

When it comes to sex acts, the handjob is often underrated and usually not executed properly.Understandably, because of this, it gets a bad reputation.But if you can pull off a proper handjob, you can leave him speechless and always wanting more.

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