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9 Long Distance Sex Tips: How to Keep Your Relationship Hot and Sexy

Just because you’re not with your lover doesn’t mean you can’t be having long distance sex.In fact, you need to in order to keep your relationship happy and healthy.Sex is extraordinarily important in a relationship. And yes, it’s also important in long distance relationships, maybe even more so than normal ones.


13 Long Distance Relationship Quotes To Remember

When the person you love is miles away, every second becomes a countdown to the next moment you’ll be able to see him, hear his voice and hold him in your arms again.Long distance relationships (LDRs) are painful, but here’s the thing: when you find the man worth fighting for, no distance can break you […]


16 Long Distance Relationship Ideas To Keep Your Relationship Exciting

Long distance relationships suck. There’s no better way of describing it, especially when you miss the other person every single day.However, you can’t be blue all the time, and neither is that good for the relationship.Fortunately, I’m here to offer you sixteen wonderful little tricks to keep your relationship thriving and exciting, in spite of […]


7 Problems That Can Quickly End Your Long Distance Relationship

Relationships are already hard work without adding miles of distance.What are the most common long distance relationship problems? How can lovers deal with them? Are there ways to avoid them or at least deal with them?I know these are some of the questions you have if you’re currently in a long distance relationship or are […]


17 Best Songs To Survive A Long Distance Relationship

Dating someone while living far away is hard. Take it from someone who knows. Thankfully, long distance relationship songs can make it a bit easier.If you’ve ever been with someone who lives a long time away, you can relate to the difficulties LDRs present.