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9 Long Distance Sex Tips: How to Keep Your Relationship Hot and Sexy

Just because you’re not with your lover doesn’t mean you can’t be having long distance sex.In fact, you need to in order to keep your relationship happy and healthy.Sex is extraordinarily important in a relationship. And yes, it’s also important in long distance relationships, maybe even more so than normal ones.


How To Get Over Your Ex-Boyfriend When You Still Love Him

This is a really tough time for you.So much love, so much investment, and all of a sudden… it’s gone.Finding yourself suddenly single is like taking a punch to the gut. No matter how many times it has happened before.Yet we tend to go through breakups as if they’re always the first, and it gets […]


Here’s Exactly How To Behave After Sleeping With A Guy

For the unaware, post-sex bedroom activities come with their own etiquette. I know, right?Who says romance is dead?Jokes aside, today I’ll discuss the do’s in the bedroom once you’ve done the hanky-panky.(Okay, last bad joke, I promise)


Is He Cheating? 9 Signs That Reveal His Infidelity

One of the worst things to face is the reality that your man could be unfaithful. But is he cheating on you or have your worries been a bit extreme lately?It’s normal to freak out if something out of the ordinary happens but it’s important to trust your partner before jumping to conclusions.That being said, […]


Is Watching Porn Cheating? Here’s The Truth

No.Was that enough to make you close your browser and go about your day, feeling more at ease?Probably not. And that’s a good thing.Even today, porn is frowned upon for many reasons. Some of them are grounded in truth, but some, like the one we deal with today, are not.Many people are quick to decide […]


How to Make a Man Fall in Love With You

Ah, here it is. The one thing many women want to know and have no idea where to start. Learning how to make a man fall in love with you certainly takes time.That being said, if you’re willing to give it a serious try and attract the man of your dreams, I’ve got some tips […]


Does He Still Love Me Quiz: Answer These 5 Questions And Find Out

At one point in our relationships, we’ve all asked the question, “Does he still love me?”.It could be while you’re still with him but you sense that he’s falling out of love with you.Or it could be while you were dealing with the aftermath of a bad breakup and you desperately want your ex-boyfriend back.I […]


13 Long Distance Relationship Quotes To Remember

When the person you love is miles away, every second becomes a countdown to the next moment you’ll be able to see him, hear his voice and hold him in your arms again.Long distance relationships (LDRs) are painful, but here’s the thing: when you find the man worth fighting for, no distance can break you […]


Here’s What Men Want In Bed (But Will Never Tell You)

Sex has long been perceived as some kind of battle for supremacy.A battle between the sexes, on who’ll learn more about the other, and how to use sex to gain favors and status…It’s no wonder we alienate ourselves from each other.We turn to magazines, blogs and urban legends to tell us what the other side […]

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