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Here’s What To Do After A Break Up

You see his face everywhere, you miss his scent… The breakup happened a while ago, but you still can’t get over him. Just how on earth are you to know what to do after a break up? That’s when it hits you – you’ve made a mistake.  Your heart starts racing, and you pace the room with the […]


How to Save Your Relationship If You’re Not Attracted To Your Boyfriend

One of the scariest moments in a relationship is waking up one day and realizing – I’m not attracted to my boyfriend anymore. At that moment, it’s easy to slip into panic mode. You could start thinking that your relationship may just be over. But although this realization is frightening, you shouldn’t see it as the […]


How to Let Go Of Someone You Love

Your world is crumbling around you. Now is the time to understand how to let go of someone you love. Because he’s gone, and he’s not coming back. He hurt you, or you hurt him, and in any case – it’s all over. All that love you feel is now trapped inside you, and the only thing […]


9 Rebound Relationship Stages To Be Aware Of

Getting out of a long, meaningful relationship is never easy and different women have different coping mechanisms. One of these is going through a number of rebound relationship stages. Some of us prefer to take it slow, have some time alone to heal and learn to be single again. Others like to take their mind off […]


13 Signs He Doesn’t Love You Anymore

Love is hard. What’s even more difficult is realizing your love is ending. If you’ve been plagued with your mind saying, “he doesn’t love me,” it could be right. That’s a bit hard but in all honesty, your inner mind often knows better than you do. But you don’t just have to trust your gut blindly. When […]


39 Relationship Goals To Strive For

Relationships are tricky and when it comes to relationship goals, there are far too many unrealistic expectations out there. When you have those types of expectations, you don’t go into the relationship with the right mindset. Relationships are meant to be difficult at times and not everything is perfect. You see so many relationship goal social accounts and […]


Is Flirting Cheating When You’re In A Relationship?

There’s a fine line between physical cheating and simply flirting with someone. But is flirting cheating if you’re in a relationship and how do you know when you’ve crossed the line? Cheating is a big deal. It might just be one of the main concerns couples have in their relationship. It’s not necessarily a lack of trust, […]


7 Strategies For Communicating In A Relationship

You can’t deny how powerful learning how to communicate in a relationship is. The easier it is to open up to your man, the fewer problems you’ll have with one another. But that’s no easy feat, especially if you’re someone who’s struggled with this in the past. There is a way to learn how to communicate in a […]


How To Fix A Broken Relationship

Not all relationships are meant to last forever. But learning how to fix a broken relationship may save yours from falling apart for good. It’s not going to be easy. Relationships are already hard work when they’re going well. Relationships that are on the brink of ending take a lot more finesse than you think. But if […]


The Surprising Reality Behind On and Off Again Relationships

Pretty much everyone has been through on and off relationships. For some, it’s all they’ve known but the reality isn’t actually as sweet as it may seem. When you break up with someone, it can seem romantic and even adorable for them to fight to win you back – only for the same problem to arise […]

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