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How Important Is Sex In A Marriage?

Sex is one of the key ingredients in a happy and strong marriage.Love is not enough for a marriage to survive and thrive. Sex, making love, intimacy, or however you want to call it, is a crucial element of a solid marital relationship.So if you’re asking how important is sex in a marriage, my opinion […]


7 Ways To Respect Your Husband

When it comes to our main needs, men and women have been designed slightly differently.In a relationship, there are some things that men want but will never tell you, one of them being respect.Men thrive on respect while women crave love and affection more.Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that women don’t want […]


You’re Doing It Wrong: The Right Way To Make Your Husband Happy

If you’re a newlywed, here’s the harsh truth: marriage is hard work. If you’ve been married for a while now, you’ll already know this.Anyone who says differently is simply unaware of the reality.But us girls have all read our fair share of fairytales and seen the romantic movies where marriage is just a “happily ever […]


9 Serious Questions To Ask Your Husband

Questions are a fundamental part of all communication, especially those we ask in our relationships.Sometimes your questions may touch upon sensitive themes, and, if you want honest answers, you must learn how to ask the right questions…at the right times.Most marital problems can be avoided by not being afraid to discuss the difficulties that naturally […]


What To Do When Your Husband Doesn’t Respect You

Respect is one of the key ingredients of a harmonious and lasting marriage. Without it, the chances of your marriage breaking down is much higher than normal.So if you’re here because the thought my husband doesn’t respect me has been dwelling in your mind for quite some time now, I’ve got some good advice for […]


The 7 Most Effective Ways To Prepare For A Marriage

​Getting married with someone you love is one of the many tough decisions you’ll make in life. And, as the wise saying goes, “Life is full of hard decisions. Make them.”So whether exchanging “I do” with Mr. Right is happening sooner or later, know that preparation is key in starting off your union with a […]


How Do You Know When Your Marriage Is Over?

Knowing when you’ve reached the point of no return in your marriage isn’t as easy as it sounds.Many married people struggle with making the hardest decision: Should I stay in this marriage or should I go?If you’re one of them, know that the decision you’re about to make would not only impact your personal life, […]


50 Marriage Quotes Every Wife Should Know

Marriage will never be easy. It’s not meant to be. You have to work at it together and form a solid partnership that can stand the test of time.Your husband may annoy you, he may ignore you from time to time, and you could think about ending things multiple times throughout your marriage.


What To Do When Your Husband Doesn’t Want You?

Saying “I do” means a lifelong promise of being there when things get tough, when finances get tight, and when sickness becomes a reality, but what do you do when you realize your husband doesn’t want you anymore?Making a commitment to someone to love them through their darkest moments requires dedication, patience, and plenty of […]

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