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What Does Prolonged Eye Contact Mean From A Man To A Woman?

Being able to read a man is extremely important. Some of them aren’t great at telling you what they’re thinking so you often need to be the one to figure it out. But it’s also not as easy as it sounds. A single look from a guy could mean one thing to him and something completely different […]


How To Tell If A Guy Likes You: 99 Signs That Reveal His Feelings

So there’s this guy who has caught your eye and makes you weak in the knees every time your paths cross. You like him and you’re dying to know if he feels the same. Here’s the thing: knowing if a guy likes you isn’t rocket science. It’s not that complicated and you don’t have to guess. There […]


Why Is He Ignoring My Texts All Of A Sudden?

There’s nothing more exciting than the initial stages of a brand new relationship; communicating all the time via text or simple phone calls, figuring out how to flirt with a guy over text. It seems that, in the beginning stages of getting to know someone, you’re able to talk or text for hours, mostly about the […]


The Foolproof Guide To Make Him Want You

So you’ve met this new guy. You started chatting. You’ve got all these butterflies in your stomach and you know he does, too. A few minutes into your conversation, you can tell that you have awesome chemistry together. You’re sure as hell that you’d be an amazing couple since you’ve obviously hit it off in an instant. But […]


How To Find A Good Man

Before we go any further, let’s agree on one thing: There are good men everywhere. If you can’t find one, you’re not doing something right. But don’t worry… I’m here to help. On one condition:


How To Flirt With A Guy Over Text

Maybe things are going well with the new man you’re dating… Maybe you just want to find out… Either way, you need to know how to take things to the next level with that guy. You don’t want to risk losing him, right? Right.


7 Great Ways To Get A Guy To Like You

You’ve met up with him. He’s attractive, funny, smart. You don’t want to let this one slip away. Men like this are so hard to find. So you’ve got to learn how to get this guy to like you, and keep liking you. And make him yours forever. But before you start trawling around the internet, read on… I’ve collected the best […]


How To Keep A Conversation Going With A Guy

You can’t have sex every minute you spend with the guy you’re dating. Well, you could, but it’s unlikely to play out like this. You’re going to need to be able to engage in meaningful conversation with him. You need to get to know him, right?


5 Unique Ways To Get A Guy To Notice You

You’re out with your friends enjoying a tasty glass of wine, and you notice an attractive man at a table close to you. Maybe you’re at the store, picking up some groceries, when you spot a hot guy further down the aisle. Or perhaps you’re waiting to cross the street and there’s a cute guy waiting beside […]

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