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How To Handle Being In Love With A Married Man

Plenty of us find ourselves at least crushing or fantasizing about a man we find out is married. It seems like being in love with a married man can make your life hell sometimes. But what is it about them that pulls us to them?Why we fall in love with married menExperts argue that there […]


How To Tell The Size Of A Guy’s Package

You’re still just dating, and so far he seems amazing, but you can’t help but wonder – is he going to blow my mind in bed? If only you knew how to tell the size of a guy’s package. Surely, we’ve all asked ourselves what kind of tackle our dates had before we even got to […]


How To Kiss A Guy: 19 Kissing Techniques To Make Him Fall In Love

When I was in my early teens, the most important question occupying my thoughts all the time was how to kiss a guy. You probably know what I’m talking about. Whenever I started liking a boy, it was basically in agony because I was terrified of eventually having to kiss him. For some reason, it seemed […]


35 And Single? Stop Freaking Out And Do This

Are you the last one in your friend circle who is still single? Not too long ago you used to love being the single one. For most of your 20s, the single-life was a dream come true. Now you’re at 35 and single life seems a little bleak. Once you hit your 30s, life started to change. […]


How To Flirt With A Guy: 19 Rules You Must Know

When you’re around friends, you’re funny, charming and charismatic. But then suddenly, when you’re with a guy you really like, you become weird and awkward, like an entirely different person. You think you know how to flirt with a guy but should you? If this sounds like you, you’re not alone. A lot of girls (including […]


15 Unusual Online Dating Questions to Ask Before Meeting A Guy

Online dating can be such a hassle even with these online dating questions to ask before meeting him. Sometimes the guy you meet is very different to how he portrayed himself to you online. And guys’ online dating game has become stronger, as they now know how to answer even the sneakiest of your questions in your […]


Men Love Humor: Funny Questions to Ask A Guy & Warm His Heart!

You spend hours getting ready for the date: make-up, hair, choosing your outfit, choosing shoes, then re-doing all of everything. You stress about it, are nervous about it, and ultimately, you can’t stop thinking about it—stop! But did you ever stop to think of the importance of being funny? Yes, it’s great to be excited and a little […]


11 Texts To Make him Think About You

Never underestimate the power of a good text. especially texts to make him think about you. A text can make that special someone in your life smile, miss you and crave you, depending on the message you want to send. Heck, if you’re really good at flirting over text, you can make a man drop everything […]


What To Do If You Have A Crush On Your Guy Friend?

One of the worst things to experience is when you come home from hanging out with him and think to yourself, I have a crush on my guy friend. What are you supposed to do from there? This guy is just a friend and now you’ve developed real feelings for him. It’s kind of a terrifying situation. […]

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