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9 Fun Games To Play Over Text With A Guy

Texting has become a huge part of our lives.We use it for many different kinds of communication, but one always seems to take a backseat–texting games.They provide a great way to ease the tension of “who will text whom first”, and help you get to know the guy you’re dating much better.


How To Tell If A Guy Is Flirting With You? 7 Signs To Watch Out For

When it comes to meeting that special man, there’s nothing more frustrating than not being able to tell if he’s into you.That’s why knowing how to tell if a guy is flirting with you is extremely important.Otherwise, you may never know if that hottie at the gym actually wants to take you out.


How to Start a Conversation With a Guy in 5 Easy Steps

Let’s be real. You want to find that special guy, fall madly in love, and live your own version of happily ever after.First, though, you have to figure out how to start a conversation with a guy.You can’t just hop from initially seeing him to walking down the aisle without all the stuff in between.And […]


13 Friends With Benefits Rules You Must Know

Reyna Biddy once wrote: “It’s okay to enjoy someone’s presence without having a ‘label’ on what you two ‘are’. Let everything fall in place how it’s supposed to.”Why are most people so quick to judge this kind of relationship?Its unlabeled, liberating ways make those in bad relationship jealous, like you’re cheating the system.


8 Rules To Remember When Dating Older Men

I’ll go right ahead and say it: it’s in our genes to pursue older men.Even when I was in high school, boys that were older seemed more mature, more confident, and less…lost? I think that’s ultimately what we chase.Someone who’s not lost.


Should I Text Him Quiz: 5 Questions To Help You Decide

The texting game has to be one of the more stressful ones when it comes to dating and relationships.It feels as if there’s a whole slew of unspoken rules. That even just one word will either leave a wrong impression on a guy, or totally spook him.Maybe you’re sitting on your bed right now with […]


6 Smart Strategies For Dating After Divorce

So you’ve gotten divorced and were able to get over every ugly and painful thing divorcees go through.You’ve made drinking your job since the day the court made your divorce official.You’ve indulged in drunk texting, to your ex-husband’s dismay. You’ve made stalking him on social media your new vocation.


17 Sexual Tension Signs From A Man To Look Out For

One of the best ways to gauge man’s interest is by reading the sexual tension signs he’s putting out there.You’ll know very quickly whether a guy is into you or not just by the way he acts and how his body responds to your presence.But if you’re not the type who’s ever paid much attention […]


How To Be Single After A Long Relationship

The unexpected, much to all your friends’ and family’s surprise has happened: After a long time together, you and your boyfriend broke up.You’ve been together for quite a while, and you’ve possibly entertained the thought of spending your lives together.But even long term relationships reach a point that either makes or breaks them. An obstacle […]

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