The Ultimate Bucket List Challenge for the Adventurous Couple

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No matter what point you are at in your relationship is important to remember to have fun! The best of us can get weighed down by the stress of everyday life. It’s never too late to inject a little excitement boost to your day and our list of bucket list ideas for couples is the way to go.

What better way to do this then to complete a challenging, adventurous and sometimes downright silly bucket list together!


Here are 100, yes you read that right, ONE HUNDRED ideas to get you started on your shenanigans together. 

Take a look and see what new challenges and experiences catch your eye. 


  1. Waterfall hunting

    couple sitting under a waterfall laughing

    Whether you want to do an adorable photo-shoot together or dive in to cool off, a good waterfall adventure is your answer. There are probably some fantastic options near you and you can always take a short trip to one.

  2. SEXT each other

    A simple yet highly effective way to get your partner’s attention. A sext can liven up an otherwise monotonous day and who knows where that will go…

  3. Have a cook off

    If you’re anything like me the way straight to your heart is through some good grub.

  4. Go on a double / triple date

    This is a fabulous way to add a more social element to date night. Making new friendships together really cements your romantic connection.

  5. Take a martial arts class together

    If they didn’t do the dishes again then a great way to release some tension in a relationship is to take a martial arts class! This is a great chance to technically beat each other up without anyone actually getting injured.

  6. Shop for each other

    This is a great way to make a normal shopping trip a little more interesting. Not only does this help us break out from our usual day to day style it’s a really nice way to learn more about your partner’s likes.

  7. Go to the gym

    Grab your sneakers and get yourselves into the gym together. What better opportunity to show off that sexy new gym wear you’ve been dying to strut around.

  8. Get crafty

    Having a craft day is such a beautiful way to bring you and your partner together. Plus you have sentimental knick-knacks for your home now! Sculpt, paint, sketch, build – get creative and make sure to make a good mess while doing it too.

  9. Go to a cocktail making class

    3 beautiful cocktails with straws and herbs on a bar

    Mix things up a bit by pushing your cocktail making abilities to the max. It’s a fun way not only to learn a new recipe but let’s face it, get a little tipsy together while doing it.

  10. Go skinny dipping

    Spice up a sunny day by the beach with a midnight dip sans le bikini. Trust me the rolling waves and the moonlight will have you splashing about like teenagers again in no time.

  11. Create a tradition day

    Spend a day creating one or many traditions together. The options are endless so try and think of something that is meaningful to you two.

  12. Learn an instrument together

    This way you can learn songs, write silly lyrics and make some very romantic memories together. Watch out Queen B and Jay- Z.

  13. Get your traveling boots on

    silhouette of couple playing music and having fun during sunset at the beach

    One of the more adventurous bucket list ideas for couples. Plan an amazing adventure together and see if you can line up some time off work. Explore! Traveling together is one of the most challenging and rewarding things a couple can do together. Needless to say, traveling has significant health benefits that could contribute to your relationship.

  14. Try van life

    If, like me, you have wasted years of your life following van life videos then perhaps now it is time to actually get on the road! You can rent a converted van and explore the world or better yet do one up together as a project.

  15. Complete a marathon

    If you’re athletic, completing a marathon is argued to be one of the proudest moments a person can experience in their life. You are going to feel closer than ever when you collapse into that sweaty embrace at the end of such an impressive feat.

  16. Make a perfume for your partner

    A popular tradition in Italy, this is a chance to show your partner you know them well and to give them something that will always remind them of you when they smell it.

  17. Hit the Christmas markets

    large crowed at a Christmas market

    One way to make this a particularly romantic Yule is to visit the beautiful and magical Christmas markets of Dortmund in Germany. With Hansel and Gretel houses the size of your garden and enough fairy lights to be seen from space this is a must.

  18. Acro-yoga

    Acro-yoga is a fun and dynamic sport that combines yoga with acrobatics. It is meant to encourage intimate communication between two people using their bodies.

  19. Picnic on the beach

    This is the perfect setting to have some time together appreciating the present while soaking up those vitamins in the sun.

  20.  Suspension Bondage

    Oh yea, it’ll be fun to add new sexy challenges to your bucket list. Suspension bondage involves binding someone and then hanging them from a suspension point above. This is a riskier form of sexual bondage so often people will take a class to learn the best ways to do this.

  21. Skydiving

    group of people skydiving out of a helicopter

    At the top of many people’s bucket lists, skydiving is an adrenaline-filled activity you can do together.

  22. Hand Gliding

    This gentle glide often from a mountain top is perfect for taking some cute photos together or just enjoying an incredible view.

  23. Abseiling

    Abseiling is the perfect couple’s activity. It combines the excitement of scaling down a cliff with trusting your partner to keep you safe at all times.

  24. Go to a fortune teller, It can be a lot of fun regardless of your beliefs.

  25. Fly a plane

    An all-time favorite activity of mine, many aircraft hangers offer cheap lessons in small 2-4 seater planes.

  26. Dare day

    See who proves the most daring on a day of adventures. Just make sure you don’t get in too much trouble!

  27. Get a couples massage 

    a person dripping massage oil on their palms

    Get intimate, know each others bodies, fool around a bit… This is going to become a regular thing.

  28. Explore a new topic together

    Feeling a little intellectual? Take the time to visit a museum or attend a lecture on a topic you both know nothing about.

  29. Go to a festival together

    music festival stage with shiny lights, confetti and a dancing crowd

    Be prepared for mud, mess and a lot of laughs. If you’re still mad about each other based on how you look after three days of camping and mud then this is true love.

  30. Go to a cultural festival together

    Oktoberfest, St Patrick’s Day and Diwali are but a few amazing cultural festivals you can visit. Get out there and immerse yourself in a new and wonderful culture together.

  31. Spearfishing

    Looking to get back to your hunter-gatherer days? Grab a spear and go spearfishing with your partner and get some tasty treats for the bbq.

  32. Go Camping together

    Camping is the perfect way to get back to nature and also getting back to basics in your relationship. A tip for an immersive experience is to make this a no-tech day too! Here are some sexy games you can play before going to bed after the most beautiful day ever.

  33. Stay somewhere awful together

    Staying literally in the worst places in the middle of nowhere on your trips can actually prove a highly memorable and bonding experience.

  34. Obstacle course

    Up for getting active, fit and downright covered in mud? Challenge yourselves to an obstacle course and prove your worth on the field.

  35. Try tantric sex

    Tantric sex is based on Buddhist teachings and involves creating a more harmonious bond between you and your partner.

  36. Foster an animal

    tiny puppy laying on a colorful rug

    Perhaps this is the perfect time for you to shower an animal in need with your love. This can not only bring you both closer together but enables you both to give back to a furry friend in need.

  37. Do a volunteer day

    Doing a volunteer day together can be a grounding experience and brings amazingly positive energy to your relationship.

  38. Facial day

    Freshen up together with a refreshing facial. It’s a fun and hilarious experience.

  39. Watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy

    A commitment, this option is not for the faint nerd.

  40. Go to the theater

    silhouette of musicians and dancers behind a red curtain

    Grab your glass of vino and lose yourself in some amazing theatrical performance.

  41. Go on a food tasting tour

    There is absolutely no better way to spend your day than stuffing your tummy with delicious food. Hit your nearest food festival or attend a tasting tour in a popular restaurant.

  42. Go to watch a professional fight

    Not for the pacifists among us, some couples find attending a professional fight really gets the adrenaline going.

  43. Try fencing

    two people fencing during contest, crossing swords

  44. Go to an amusement park

    Let your inner children out and go play! Amusement parks are an endless array of color and silliness that is perfect for letting lost together.

  45. Try LARP

    Live Action Role Plays are becoming exceedingly popular. Feeling like a medieval feast? LARP is guaranteed to be a barrel of laughs and a very individual memory to make together.

  46. Laser tag or paintball

    It is well known that shooting lasers or perhaps paint at your partner is a highly therapeutic experience.

  47. Be a child for the day

    couple smiling on a horse marry-go-round at a carnaval

    Fed up on working out the tax bill this week? Grab your partner and head down to the local playground right now. Today is about being an absolute kid!

  48. Make a pillow fort

    Rainy days prove the perfect opportunity to get nice and cozy together. Challenge yourselves to make the comfiest, fluffiest, cutest and most fairy-light-full-fort of all time.

  49. Build your bear

    ‘Build a bear proves’ popular for a good reason. You get to be creative AND get fluffy bears there. A great option is to attempt to make the bear version of your partner in crime.

  50. Look into your family histories

    Who knows perhaps you are related to a Russian princess and should be living life like the royalty you are.

  51. Try pottery classes

    person making clay pottery on pottery wheel

    Sold very effectively by Patrick Swayze, pottery can be a truly sensual experience. Make something together that will hold pride of place at your home for eternity.

  52. Karaoke

    If Karen has made your life in the office particularly unbearable this week then there’s no other cure. Grab your partner and sing your lungs out to some fantastic karaoke tunes tonight.

  53. Go to a sex talk

    Sex conventions prove an interesting and fun way to explore a topic relevant to us all in relationships.

  54. Island hop

    woman sitting on a dead tree at the beach, man hanging off a branch

    There is no better way to spend a sunny day then hopping around beautiful islands together exploring the reefs, enjoying a beach side bonfire and practicing those crucial ukulele skills.

  55. Do a photography class

    What better way to explore a new place than to spend the day happily snapping pics together.

  56. Swing dance

    Want your partner to literally fling you around the dance floor? Then get out there and get swinging, in the dancing sense of course…

  57. Try sea fishing

    Sea fishing is an incredible way to see beautiful sights while gathering some tasty dinner. Nothing beats that feeling of hooking your first big catch that you can wave proudly at your partner.

  58. Go kite surfing

    Harness the power of the wind and kite surf together! This thrill is likely to leave you both happily exhausted at the end of an adventurous day on the waves.

  59. Star gaze

    silhouette of couple at sunset holding each other

    When it comes to bucket list ideas for couples, this is a must on your list. Not only is this a perfect way to appreciate Mother Nature it’s also free! Impress your partner with your knowledge of the skies as you race each other to name the constellations.

  60. Attend a ping pong show

    Feel like mixing things up and hitting the sex shows in Amsterdam? One option is to witness the very skilled ping pong tricks of the ladies of the night. These women will have you perplexed with their popping feats.

  61. Make a time capsule

    A time capsule is the perfect way to capture a magical time in your relationship. Fill a box of your choosing with cute memorabilia and bury it somewhere you can come back to in years to come.

  62. Quad bike across the desert

    quadbike driving over a sand dune with a cloud of dust behind him

    One of my own most memorable experiences, quad biking across the desert in Sharm El-Sheikh is a great option for the adventurous couple. Settle down on the dunes after your sandy race to enjoy one of the most beautiful night skies in the world.

  63. Make your own sushi

    Take a professional sushi making class to master the delicious delicacy.

  64. Picnic

    Make a tasty picnic together and get out and about! Whether it’s the park, the beach, a mountain or even your back yard a picnic is always a good way to chill out together.

  65. Mountain bike

    couple cycling together on mountain dirt road

    For the true adrenaline junkies out there mountain biking is an incredible experience. After a little practice you’ll be sure to leave your partner in the dust as you explore beautiful trails together.

  66. Wine tasting

    Explore a beautiful vineyard together while brushing up on your wine-related vocabulary.

  67. Sail a boat together

    Sailing a two-person boat is a truly freeing experience that requires teamwork. This is a fantastic way to feel closer and explore the open oceans.

  68. Go on a safari trip

    A must on many people’s bucket list for good reason, go on a safari together to experience nature at its most dangerous and beautiful.

  69. Deep-sea diving

    giraffe at dusk in the savana

    Completing your deep-sea diving certificate together can prove a brilliant way to open up a new activity for you as you travel.

  70. Go to a shooting range

    Depending on your stance on guns, this experience can prove highly empowering and thrilling. Honing your aim while competing with your partner is sure to bring a little heat to a date.

  71. Spelunking

    (What??) Otherwise known as caving, spelunking involves exploring the depths and caverns of wild caves. Time to find your inner batman!

  72.  Brew your own booze

    This one will require a little research, often newbies are advised to read up or attend a class first. It won’t be long until your both sipping smugly on your hopefully delicious new beverage.

  73. Tie-dye date

    There is no need for the 60s to ever be truly over! Grab those cottons you’ve been thinking about throwing out and have a fun tie-dye day together on the lawn.

  74. Build a piece of furniture together

    Some carpenters now offer classes to couples so that they can make a special piece of furniture together for their home. This is an impressive skill to develop!

  75. Get Gardening

    Start a herb garden in your patio, back yard, or window sill, It’s a great hobby, fun to do and very rewarding when you get to reap the delicious benefits!

  76. Make your own kitchen garden

    Time to uncover your green fingers and get digging! Create a kitchen garden and reap the rewards in your tasty homegrown dishes.

  77. Ice hotel

    Visit the mesmerizing ice hotel in Jukkasjärvi Sweden. This icy palace is also an art exhibition you can enjoy during your stay.

  78. See the northern lights

    Norway, Sweden and Iceland offer couples the amazing opportunity to witness the northern lights. Do your research and make sure to touch down at the right time of the year when they are at their clearest.

  79. Learn to surf

    couple walking on the beach at sunset holding surfboards

    Surfing is an exhilarating experience. While some of us may have the balance skills of a drunk penguin, there’s no denying that this activity is a ball.

  80. Woo each other

    A fun way to add a little excitement to the evening is to engage in a little role play. Simply pretend you have never met before and don’t forget to bring your A game as you seduce your partner again.

  81. Go on a hot air balloon ride!

  82. Have a board games evening

    Challenge each other to a game off and break out those classic board games. Perhaps give monopoly a miss if you’re in the mood for a calm evening.

  83. Recreate a very fond memory

    Don’t forget to celebrate the amazing memories you have already made together. Take some time to recreate a special romantic moment you had together.

  84. Learn a new language, whisper cute things to each other in a new way.

    There is no denying learning a new language can be challenging. So what better way to motivate you than to take this one on together?

  85. Create a home theatre night

    back yard hangout sofa circle with a screen projector and a movie

    Break out the popcorn and the projector. Simply hang a white sheet and set up some comfy seating and your good to go!

  86. Cliff jumping

    Push your adventurous sides to the max and take a leap of faith together. Cliff jumping is guaranteed to wake you up this morning.

  87. Write a love letter

    Writing a love letter is the perfect opportunity to get down on paper just how much you appreciate your significant other. Old school is often best when it comes to romance.

  88. Go bowling

    A great opportunity to wear some cute sneakers while competing against your other half. Don’t forget trick shots are extra points!

  89. Home spa day

    Take some time to kick back and relax with your partner. Cut up those cucumbers and dive into a cozy robe. This one is great for when you’re on a budget!

  90. Create a photo album together

    Print out those happy snaps and get sticking. Creating a photo album is a sure way to remember fondly the fun adventures you have had.

  91. Read to each other

  92. Canoe down a beautiful river

    two people in a canoe rowing down a beautiful river with trees on both sides.

  93. Go ice skating

    Take a spin on the ice with your partner and put that trust fall to the test.

  94. Have a cozy up

    Light a fire and warm up some tasty hot chocolate. This evening is all about cozy socks and snuggles.

  95. Roadtrip!

    Time to throw together a quick backpack and jump into the car. The trick is to genuinely not overly plan this one out and see where the road takes you.

  96. Solve an escape room

    Escape rooms are a barrel of laughs as you try to use your noggins to figure your way out of a trapped room. Time to see if you work well together or would rather strangle each other than solve puzzles as a duplet.

  97. Watch a sunset from your hammock

    There is no better combo than a beach, a sunset and your trusted hammock.

  98. Go to a baseball game

    Don’t miss the main point of going to a baseball game – curly fries.

  99. Make homemade ice cream

    This epic food challenge will reward you with some delicious treats to scoff down at the end of the evening.

  100. Go roller-skating

  101. Bonus: Make a bucket list for each other

    woman in roller skate and bold party clothing sitting on a bench

    Last but not least! This is a great way to jot down some activities you would like to do as a team. Think about their interests and hobbies. Don’t be afraid to challenge each other!