29 Best Birthday Ideas For Your Husband

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When it comes to birthdays, a lot of men consider them to be overrated. Most just want something simple, or to not celebrate at all. In other words, no need for any birthday ideas for your husband.

And yet, there are some who like to make a big show of it every year.

For the former, you’re simply out of ideas.

And for the latter, you’re left wondering how to up your game.

Well, that’s where we come in with our 29 birthday ideas for all types of husbands.

Let’s start, shall we?

The Simple Men – “I Don’t Want A Big Fuss, Really”

  • Dinner for one. Some men just want an opportunity to enjoy their favorite things in some peace and quiet. Arrange dinner, his favorite movie, and a glass of his favorite drink.
  • Hiking adventure. If he’s the outdoorsy type, take him out to a national park, or a woodland area. Get geared up and hike all day, then set up a small campsite for an afternoon lunch.
  • Homely surprise. Welcoming him home dressed up as a ‘50s housewife, with a meal prepared, dessert, and a relaxing massage afterward really hits the spot for some men.
  • Foodie. Does your man love food? Then take him on an all-day gastronomical journey throughout your city (or someplace new) to try fun new food, with some fun activities in-between.

The Party Lovers – “The Crowds, The Lights, The Music”

  • Conquer the night. Is your man a true party animal? Surprise him by taking him out to dance the night away together, or invite some party-loving friends. The only condition: no one goes home before sunrise.
  • Boys will be boys. Gather round all his guy friends and brainstorm the best guys’ night out with them. Whether it’s a trip to a casino, going on a weekend road trip, or another town for a pub crawl. Sometimes husbands need a night out with their crew.
  • Choose your own adventure. Make a map of club routes around the city. Each place you visit opens up the next few possible locations, and it’s up to him to decide which one to take.

The Romantics – “I Just Want To Spend It With You”

  • City date. Spend a whole day in the city, visiting his favorite places. Treat him to his favorite interests and food preferences.
  • Fantasy bedroom. Spend some time setting up the most romantic bubble bath, or sexy bedroom décor. Wear some new stunning lingerie, and he’s bound to remember that birthday.
  • Relationship tour. Spend a day revisiting all the memorable places you’ve been to together. Like a tour guide, stop in front of each location and relive the memorable thing that happened there. It’s a great way to rekindle the old flame.
  • First date. Remember your first date? Surprise him by recreating it. You can even suggest some roleplay, and act out as if it really were your first.

The Guys – “Gaming With Friends Makes For Best Birthdays”

  • Gaming birthday. Organize an afternoon/evening of gaming on your favorite console, along with plenty of food. You can also play party games with friends.
  • Trivia night. Either by visiting your local pub that hosts one, or becoming the host of your own trivia party, give your man a chance to show off how brainy he is.
  • Laser tag. Book a session of a laser tag for him and his friends. Then set up a round of drinks in a pub nearby. They’ll have a blast exchanging “war stories.”
  • Levelling up. Take a day or two to plan how to make your husband’s day more fun by having him “level up” after certain achievements throughout the day. And after he achieves a certain level, he gets a small prize of your choosing.
  • Karting. One thing that never fails to entertain is karting. There is something that makes ridiculous speeding in ridiculously small cars incredibly fun and hilarious.

The Sports Fan – “Give Me The Remote And My Beer, And I’m Happy”

  • Game tickets. A surefire way to make his birthday is to get him tickets to a game he’s long-awaited or otherwise can’t afford. And if he gets to bring a friend for some guy time, all the better.
  • Sports night. Even if you know nothing about sports, set some time aside to watch his favorite team or sport. Make a whole event of it, food and beer included.
  • Make your own sports event. If it’s a relatively doable sport, go outside and spend the afternoon playing a game or two! Get the kids involved for some wholesome family fun.
  • Sports-themed party. How about a party with sports-themed décor and food? A fun addition could be videos of various sports bloopers.

The Adventurer – “How About We Run Away Somewhere?”

  • Weekend getaway. Organize a weekend outside the apartment. Whether it’s a couple or a family getaway, get far away from work, stress and the crowd.
  • Amazing race inspired. Leave your husband clues all around town as to where his birthday dinner will be. The clues are puzzles or riddles that, when solved, lead to the next destination.
  • Adventure park. Adventure parks are an adrenaline-packed, fun birthday opportunity for your energetic husband.
  • Road trip. Take a few days off to go on a road trip to a place he’s always wanted to visit. And make sure to bring a camera so the memories last forever.

Other Fun Ideas…

  • Family reunion. If he’s the family type, call in his whole family for lunch or an entire day spent together.
  • Make one of his wishes come true. Know something he wants to do, visit, own or see really badly? Do what you can to show him you listen and care to make his wish come true. The gesture will be a gift in and of itself that he’ll appreciate.
  • Text hints throughout the day. Get a sexy little game going on by texting him dirty little messages that’ll tease him leading up to a grand finale in the bedroom later that night.
  • Relaxation day. Spend a day at the spa, either him alone or together with you, and get the whole pampering package.
  • Thankful video. During a regular party, reveal a video to him which you made of all his friends listing what they love about your husband, or retelling an anecdote. He’s bound to love it.

Whichever idea you decide on, just make sure you adapt it to your husband’s preferences.

The more personal it feels, the more special the birthday will be, even if it’s just an elaborate dinner, or having friends over.

 Make the day about him and what he’d love to do.