Best Sex Pillows And How To Use Them

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Are you hoping to spice up your sex life with some crazy and adventurous new positions? Maybe you find certain angles uncomfortable to hold for too long despite your desire to! Or perhaps you need a little more support as you push your flexibility in the bedroom to its limits. Whether you’re hoping to achieve deeper penetration for longer lasting sex or more comfort in the bedroom then sex pillows are a hell yes for you. 

What is a Sex Pillow?

A sex pillow is a firmer than usual pillow that can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. These pillows are purposefully designed to help you achieve all those angles you love but with comfort and ease.

The pillows can prop up your head, back, pelvis or legs depending on what acrobatics you’re trying tonight. They are especially useful for prolonged sex as they help you and your partner last longer in your marathon. 

Sometimes sex can be a little uncomfortable for you at certain times and you just need to readjust to find that perfect line. Feeling ambitious to achieve that funky position you always wanted to experience? Then a good sex ramp may be the key to getting you in the groove.

How to Use a Sex Pillow

So, excited to get started with your new sensuality comfort buddy? If you’re wondering how to use a sex pillow don’t worry; this part is very straight forward. Usually a sex pillow will be in the shape of a ramp. You can use this support to prop up your butt pushing your hips up higher, a great way to achieve deeper penetration. 

You could also lay on the ramp with your stomach facing downwards to experiment with a more inclined doggy style angle. The uses for a sex pillow are limitless. For example a sex pillow can really enliven your oral sessions with your partner. Or perhaps you need that little extra back support to ensure true comfort as you achieve climax.

As is always advised in the bedroom: Get creative! Sex pillows are a simple toy that can open up a whole new world of fun activities for you and your partner.

Here are a few fun positions sex pillows can assist you with.

Four positions to try with your adult pillow

Our Top 5 Sex Pillows

To help you narrow down your search for pleasure, here’s an extensive review of the top 5 sex pillows on the market at the moment.

we should number this list, rank/guidance  helps clearing things up for buyers


This cute heart shaped sex cushion will not only look sweet in your bedroom, but will also significantly improve your sexual experiences. Shaped with your derriere comfort in mind this cushion will assist you in a wide array of positions such as elevated oral, deeper anal and positions that require a solid base. 

woman in lingerie sitting and holding 'Decor heart wedge' shaped adult pillow

It has a removable cover to keep your pillow nice and fresh. The Décor heart wedge comes in a wide variety of cool designs and is finished with velvet providing an incredibly comfortable feel. 

Some may find it a little small for certain uses however this does not take away from its versatility in the bedroom. Overall this is an amazing sex pillow and even better it’s an absolute bargain at $68.


While more expensive than the décor heart wedge, the hipster is a great option for many sexual explorations. This ramp is sculptured to follow the curves of your body and provides a firm platform for your sexual adventures. 

The main selling point for this cushion is that it has both high and low curves proving the most versatile of the sex cushions in the market. This opens up many new positions for lovers to experiment while bringing a new life to hot staples like reverse cowgirl, sidewinder and raised penetration to name a few. 

woman in lingerie and a man laying on 'Hipster' adult pillow

This pillow will cost you $152 currently. Considering the high quality material and shape this proves a highly rewarding investment if you catch my drift.  


The jaz-motion sex cushion is a small yet highly effective orgasmic pal that comes in travel size for those steamy trips you have planned. It is shaped like a ramp however curved so that you can create a rocking motion while in and transitioning to positions. 

jazz motion sex pillow

This cushion is particularly handy for when you would like to give and receive oral for longer. A personal favorite of mine, this little guy has two main benefits. It enables you to add a fun rocking motion to your jams in the bedroom.  What’s more it can be laid on its flat side to provide firm support for raised hips positions and raised butt angles. 

Another benefit to this jazzy number is that it will cost you $85, a small price to pay for a lot of oomph. The cherry on top is that the jazz motion has an easily removed machine washable cover so you can keep using it again and again and again!


The Whirl is a firm favorite among the mischievous and adventurous lovers out there. This sex cushion is actually shaped like a bolster cushion and really brings the thrust back into the game. 

Similar to the jazz motion it adds a rocking motion to once monotonous sex positions to really spice things up again. This shape is particularly effective for both doggy style and oral sex. The very firm material will enable you to explore a greater range of motion in the ocean and push past your limitations. 

woman in lingerie laying on 'Décor' bolster shaped adult pillow

I’m a fan of this one as it can be used as a handy support for your knees, ankles, hips and really anywhere else you can think of. Its size is perfect for moving quickly and easily into a new position. The cherry on top is that the cover itself is both high quality and machine washable. 

This sex cushion comes in as the most cost effective on our list today at $150 a pop. A bit pricey but very likely to put an end to dull or repetitive sex. 


The classic wedge is a top seller as sex pillow lovers’ most popular purchase! It is a medium sized firm cushion in the shape of a ramp. This classic style sex pillow uses that 27 degree angle, an angle that optimizes comfort and orgasmic potential in a position; as it enables easy G-spot stimulation.

woman in lingerie laying on 'wedge' shaped adult pillow

The wedge can add that extra support to reverse cowgirl, oral positions and table top. As with the other products reviewed here, it comes with a removable machine washable cover. 

If you want to go for the tried and tested option then the wedge is the perfect choice for you. It will cost you $98 to get the pillow into your bedroom.

As you can see there are multiple reasons that a sex pillow could be a great option for you. The growing popularity of these pillows is enabling partners to explore more difficult positions and most importantly while being comfortable doing so. So what are you waiting for! Time to get these sexy and supportive friends into your bedroom pronto.