Female led relationship levels (FLR)

Woman holding man's hand on bicycle

Ah relationship dynamics, when will they ever cease to challenge, fascinate and frustrate us. In the joining of any two (or more) individuals a certain dance will begin. We find ourselves fitting into roles and providing functions that enable the relationship to flourish. Ideally, we find a partner that provides us with something we need …

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How To Have Phone Sex: 13 Hot Tips

woman on phone sexy

Do you ever get turned on just by his voice? In that moment during sex when he whispers something just perfect? And does he crave your moaning so close to his ear? Now, if you know how to have phone sex, you can always be close to your man. Regardless of whether you tried it …

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How to Let Go Of Someone You Love

letting go message on sand

Your world is crumbling around you. Now is the time to understand how to let go of someone you love. Because he’s gone, and he’s not coming back. He hurt you, or you hurt him, and in any case – it’s all over. All that love you feel is now trapped inside you, and the …

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How To Handle Being In Love With A Married Man

married man affair

Plenty of us find ourselves at least crushing or fantasizing about a man we find out is married. It seems like being in love with a married man can make your life hell sometimes. But what is it about them that pulls us to them? Why Do We Fall For Married Guys? Experts argue that …

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How To Tell The Size Of A Guy’s Package

banana penis jeans

You’re still just dating, and so far he seems amazing, but you can’t help but wonder – is he going to blow my mind in bed? If only you knew how to tell the size of a guy’s package. Surely, we’ve all asked ourselves what kind of tackle our dates had before we even got …

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How To Make Him Miss You More Than Ever Before

man holding photo thinking

Keeping a man’s attention seems so hard, let alone learning how to make him miss you. Somehow, we can’t seem to get them out of our minds, and they don’t even have to put that much effort! However, I’m here today to give you some fairly effortless tips on having your man warmly fantasize about …

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How To Overcome Your Abandonment Issues

woman alone on a swing

We all want safety and security. Unfortunately our abandonment issues can get in the way of this. We want to be loved just as much as we love. But love doesn’t come with a guarantee, and we’re more likely to find ourselves fearful that our boyfriend or husband will leave us. That fear is so …

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Why Has My Boyfriend Stopped Sleeping With Me?

couple not having sex

To sort out some common misconceptions, I’m going to tell you that the problem with his libido is most likely not about you. Still, if you’re thinking why has my boyfriend stopped sleeping with me, pay attention to what I’m going to say. Both male and female sexual functionality (for want of a better phrase) depend …

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Why Rebound Relationships Fail Almost Every Time

Man shouting woman ignores

To be clear from the start – I’m not here to spook you into breaking up with your rebound. I’m only going to talk about why rebound relationships fail. Rebounds are there to help you recuperate, have fun, and find some satisfaction in the grim post-breakup stage. However, what I want to do is warn …

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You Found Something On His Phone. Now What?

woman shocked looking at the phone

You’re sitting on the couch, his phone in your hand. You’re starting to think, “wouldn’t it be weird if I went through my boyfriends phone and found something?” Even though you hate it, you can’t stop glancing over at the screen. And it’s there, sneering in your face – that text, those words, the photo. …

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How To Perform The Full Nelson Sex Position

Nelson Sex Position

Getting tired of the same old, comfort-zone sex positions? Maybe you haven’t heard of the Full Nelson sex position then. You and your man have tried many things, and now you think you’re ready to level up. Well, today’s your lucky day because I’m here to show you an absolute gem of a sex position. …

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29 Best Birthday Ideas For Your Husband

woman giving her husband a birthday gift

When it comes to birthdays, a lot of men consider them to be overrated. Most just want something simple, or to not celebrate at all. In other words, no need for any birthday ideas for your husband. And yet, there are some who like to make a big show of it every year. For the …

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19 Common Sex Fantasies Your Boyfriend Likely Has

sexy woman in black stockings

The basic idea of a fantasy is that it’s a desire for something we can’t usually get or fulfill. We all have them, and they’re a normal part of life. But when it comes to sex fantasies, we tend to sweep them under the rug. Men especially. Usually afraid that they’ll run into misunderstandings or …

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