Why My Husband Shouts At me?

Woman turn back to man looking frustrated

How To Deal With A Shouting Husband It is hurtful when your loving husband starts yelling at you. It leaves you shocked and feeling weird for a few moments.   It is worse if he walks out before resolving the fight. It just prolongs the tension between you.   You have to be tired of walking on …

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7 Signs You Are Ready To Start Dating Again

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Am I ready to date? Did I really get over a heartbreak? The thought of getting back into the dating bandwagon can be scary especially if the last relationship was not such a fun experience. You have had time to reflect and took a much-needed break (which is great). However, there is that lingering question, …

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What To Do When Your Husband Doesn’t Want You?

couple ignoring each other

Saying “I do” means a lifelong promise of being there when things get tough, when finances get tight, and when sickness becomes a reality, but what do you do when you realize your husband doesn’t want you anymore? Making a commitment to someone to love them through their darkest moments requires dedication, patience, and plenty …

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11 Fun New Things To Try In Bed With Your Man

couple having sex

Doing the exact same things day in,  day out can quickly become tiresome, to say the least. It often leads to relationship difficulties which is exactly the one thing you want to avoid, right? As with anything, mixing in a little bit of fun makes things so much more pleasurable, including what you choose to do in the bedroom, …

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What Does It Mean When A Guy Says He Misses You?

man on the phone frustrated

​There’s nothing more comforting than being in a committed relationship with someone you adore; being missed by someone you care about who loves you in return. It’s the stuff that fairy tales, happily ever afters, and butterflies in your stomach are made of. However, as obvious as it may seem, things aren’t always as they …

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A Good Girl’s Guide To Initiating Sex

sexy woman

In a world where good girls pretend to be innocent, they’re often considered boring in the bedroom. However, don’t let that fool you. Oh no. Every good girl has a few tricks up her sleeve in order to figure out how to initiate sex. Good girls tend to have a much wilder side than the …

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Why Is He Ignoring My Texts All Of A Sudden?

woman ignored by a man text

There’s nothing more exciting than the initial stages of a brand new relationship; communicating all the time via text or simple phone calls, figuring out how to flirt with a guy over text. It seems that, in the beginning stages of getting to know someone, you’re able to talk or text for hours, mostly about …

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