Types of Intimacy and How They Help & Hurt Relationships

couple intimate on bed

When someone mentions the word intimacy in respect to relationships, what often that comes to your mind is sex? Think about it. However, intimacy is more than the physical connection experienced in most romantic relationships. Intimacy is experienced in all forms of social relationships and interaction. This article will highlight the types of intimacy and …

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Is The Domi 2 The Best Remote Controlled Wand?

Domi 2 remote wand background

More than 75% of women require clitoral stimulation in order to achieve orgasm so it’s no wonder the market is flooded with all kinds of vibrators and clitoral stimulation toys. Lovense created this powerful, wireless and compact pleasure tool to help you achieve those sometimes-elusive female orgasms. The Domi 2 claims to be a power …

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7 Ways Why Arguments Can Harm Your Love Life

woman sad sit on bed man angry

Relationships are the foundation of human existence. Being social animals,we as humans, are addicted to social interactions and relationships in the world.  Let it be the college, workplace or even a grocery store where you spent more than 30 minutes doing groceries, you’ll catch up on some relationships. Not all those relationships are that strong, …

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Best Sex Pillows And How To Use Them

couple having sex on sex pillow

Are you hoping to spice up your sex life with some crazy and adventurous new positions? Maybe you find certain angles uncomfortable to hold for too long despite your desire to! Or perhaps you need a little more support as you push your flexibility in the bedroom to its limits. Whether you’re hoping to achieve …

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Best Suction Cup Dildo: Top 6 Choices

King Cock Ultra Realistic Girthy Suction Cup Dildo 8.5 Inch

In a hurry? After careful testing, I’ve found out that Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo 6 Inch is the best suction cup dildo available today. Gone are the days where dildos came in just one shape and size. Today, the choices are virtually limitless. And in this article, I want to discuss one of the …

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Best Anal Dildos: Top 10 Reviewed

njoy pure wand in a box

In a rush? After careful consideration, I found that Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo 6 Inch is the best anal dildo available today. Anal sex can be one of the best experiences you can have. While it’s great to share it with a partner, you can also have some solo fun. But to do that, …

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We Vibe Tango Review

we vibe tango

In a hurry? Get We Vibe Tango here. Let’s be honest: Bullet vibrators are usually nothing to get excited about. They have usually weak, with buzzy vibrations that just don’t hit the spot.  And they have an annoying tendency to die just as soon as you’re nearing the finish line. Not this bad boy.  Rumors …

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OhMiBod Esca 2: My Honest Review

ohmibod esca 2

In a rush? You can get Esca 2 here. Remote control vibrators can be a real treat. They offer plenty of outdoor play options, which are made even more fun if you give control over to your partner. But is Esca 2 worth it? Does it have the power, the versatility, and the options a …

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The 7 Best Bullet Vibrators You Can Buy Today 

bullet vibrator

In a rush? After extensive research, I found that Tracey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator is the best bullet vibrator around. Are you interested in adding a bullet vibrator to your sex toy collection? Then you’ve come to the right place. If you’re not familiar with them, bullet vibrators are small, clitoral stimulators that are shaped …

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We Vibe Sync Review: Read This Before You Buy

we vibe sync

There’s something special about remote control vibrators. Sure, you can use them during sex, but the real fun begins when you take them outside and give your partner the remote. There’s something so naughty about being surrounded by people who have no idea you’re being stimulated right in front of them. But to get that, …

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17 Most Powerful Vibrators You Can Buy Today

Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

In a rush? After months of research and testing, I found out that the most powerful vibrator today is the Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator. So you want power. You want to feel an earthquake happening inside of you, while your toes involuntarily curl and you have to hold on just so …

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Lelo Mona 2 Review

hand holding lelo mona 2

If you’re a sex toy connoisseur, you’ve no doubt heard about Lelo before. If you’re a newbie, all you should know is that Lelo is known for high-quality toys that look sleek and sexy but still have the power of a roaring tiger. And Lelo Mona 2 is no exception. In this review, I’ll summarize …

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What Is The Best Vibrator For Squirting?

Desire Luxury Rechargeable Curved G-Spot Vibrator

Pressed for time? After extensive research, I found that Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator is the best choice for squirting orgasms. Squirting. For some lucky women, it happens almost every time they have sex. Most of us, however, need to work hard in order to achieve a squirting orgasm. And while …

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Best Thrusting Vibrator: Top 7 Reviewed

thrusting vibrator

In a rush? After weeks of testing, I found that Fun Factory Drei is the best thrusting vibrator on the market today. If you find normal vibrators boring and old-fashioned, you just might fall in love with thrusting vibrators. They are very much similar to good, old, regular vibrators, but with one special twist: They …

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7 Best Wand Vibrators Reviewed

Magic Wand Original min

In a rush? After extensive testing, I found that Magic Wand Rechargeable Extra Powerful Cordless Vibrator is the best wand vibrator available today. You might not know this, but the wand vibrator was the original vibrator – the granddaddy of them all if you will. Invented in the 1960s, the magic wand vibrator was designed …

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7 Best Rabbit Vibrators Every Women Needs To Own

bunny on grass

In a hurry? After testing dozens of vibrators, I found that Lelo Ina 2 is the best rabbit vibrator available today. Originally made famous by Sex & the City, these magnificent toys have since exploded in popularity and are now a staple item most women couldn’t live without. Also called dual vibrators, these bad boys …

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What Is The Best Remote Control Vibrator?

remote control vibrator app

In a hurry? After extensive research, we found that Lelo Lyla 2 is the best remote control vibrator available today. I always think about remote control vibrators as the ultimate foreplay tool. That’s because you can enjoy hours of discreet public play with your partner, surrounded by people who haven’t got the slightest clue what’s …

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Best G Spot Vibrators: Top 6 Reviewed

g spot vibrator size

In a hurry? After extensive research, it’s clear that Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl Vibrator is the best g spot vibrator on the market today. Ah, the famous G spot. Previously thought to be the stuff of myth and legends, today it’s one of the most discussed parts of the female anatomy. And, much …

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