Amazon Sex Position: A Secret To Amazing Sex

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The Amazon sex position is a girl-on-top position that originated from the Cowgirl. But when it comes to sex positions, this one is a little bit more complex and demanding.

This is because the guy should be lying on his back with his knees bent and legs pressed against his chest while the girl straddles him.

Difficulty Rating: 7/10

Once you’re in the Amazon sex position, the rest will happen naturally.

However, getting into the Amazon could be a bit difficult and awkward considering guys are usually not as flexible as girls and here they have to do almost all the flexing.

Plus, their ligaments down there could get strained if you’re not careful.

How To Do The Amazon Sex Position

As we said, in the Amazon, the guy is lying on his back with his knees bent, his thighs pressed against his chest and legs spread widely. The girl is on top of him, squatting over him or kneeling with her legs apart but her feet close together.

To make the position more intimate, you can lean slightly forward and hold his legs or put your hands on his chest to give yourself more support. In this case, he can press his feet against your rear to have some control over your movements.

amazon sex position

Tips And Tricks

If squatting doesn’t seem like something you want to do, choose the kneeling variation and bring yourself down to your knees.

This will give you better support and more room for navigation, and it will feel much more intimate because you will be closer to his face.

Since you’ll be doing pretty much all the work in the Amazon, you can make your life somewhat easier if you lean on his thighs.

This way you can allow him to push you when you get tired, or you can learn a few tricks to stay longer up there.

Another golden tip for this position: prepare for some awkwardness.

Getting into the Amazon is not an easy job and if you and your guy don’t know each other very well, it can turn into an awkward mess.

But if you’re comfortable with each other, you will laugh it off even if it doesn’t go well on the first few tries.

Just stick with it because getting it just right is going to be worth it.

Take things slow when doing it for the first time, because if you rush things, you may even hurt your partner.

In this position, his penis will have to tilt slightly backward which is not a very natural position for him. Go slow, and make sure your bodies are in the right place before penetration.

Pros And Cons Of The Amazon Sex Position

If you love to be in charge in the bedroom, this will be an extremely rewarding position. You are controlling both tempo and depth of penetration, which means you’re holding all the cards.

Well, maybe not all of them since he will have both hands free to touch you however he wants. He won’t have much access to your clitoris, but he can stimulate your breasts, your bum or both.

Even if you’re not usually dominant, seeing you take control is definitely one of the things men want most in bed.

But there’s a downside to it. Since you’ll be doing all the work and be in a challenging position yourself, you will probably get tired after a short while. Women often complain of pain in the Amazon and can’t do it for very long.

Another cool thing about this position is that it doesn’t allow your partner to go too deep, so it’s perfect for couples where the guy is well endowed. You will avoid any pain and discomfort while still getting just enough stimulation.

However, this could also mean that couples with a penis size problem most likely won’t manage to do the Amazon.

Variations Of The Amazon:

Kneeling Amazon – As we already said, an easier and more comfortable variation of this position is the Kneeling Amazon sex position.

Just drop down to your knees so you can use your whole body for the movement, but be careful not to slide off and hurt him.

Reverse Amazon – The Reverse Amazon sex position may sound like it’s even more challenging but it’s actually much easier to do. Your man should be in the same position, but you should face him with your back and practically sit on his thighs.

Your whole weight will be on your legs, but he will be able to help you bounce up and down.

Brute – Love the idea but don’t really like to be dominant? No problem, you can always try the Brute sex position, which is the same as the Reverse Amazon just with reversed roles.

In other words, you will be lying on your back with your knees bent and thighs close to your chest and he will squat or kneel over you facing away from you.

Not the most romantic, but great for submissive women. And I can assure you that being his obedient girl is one of the top things you can do in the bedroom to spice things up.

Who Is The Amazon Sex Position Best For?

It’s pretty simple. The Amazon is one of those sex positions perfect for dominant girls and submissive guys.

Since you’re in control here, you’ll be doing all the hard work while he just needs to get into position and watch you do your magic.

sexy couple woman looking

Dare To Try It?

If you’re not very adventurous in bed, you can simply choose to do the classic Cowgirl or try some of the classic sex positions for dominant girls.

In fact, many couples don’t dare to try Amazon.

But if you love to dominate and you’re up for a challenge, this position will open new horizons for you.

It gives you full control over your man, and it’s ideal to stimulate you just enough without going too deep.